Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thoughts on Pokemon

The following is a little rant on my feelings of pokemon. I've been following pokemon since it came to the US, basically my whole life. It is a love of mine and it is true you can't love something without being critical of it. I have been talking to a friend, which this is in reply too, about how I'm not that excited about the new games. I will buy them and enjoy them but I know the charm is not the same. I'm not one of those people who say Generation 1 all the way. Generation 2 is my favorite to play but I don't see the pokemon being inherently better in the originals just because they are the first. I do love more pokemon from some generations better then others. Unova I didn't care for but Herdier in my mind made up for it. That being said I can still feel the charm when I replay the old ones that I just can't seem to grasp in the newer games, even with 400 hours logged into my Diamond.

I am still getting X or Y. I even have plans to get the limited edition X and Y 3DS XL.

On to the hate ish ness!

It is so easy to forget what you were doing. I don't know you would think it should be easier to remember all of it now that we are older. Then again when I was a kid I finished everything in one go, none of this put it down for a month crap.

I loved Generation 2 I felt it had the PERFECT amount of side activities that continued after the game but also helped the game. The berry system was better in Gen 3 but it was first put into place in 2 so let’s throw that in. Things like the bug catcher contest and the like where always right smack near a major event so you always knew where they were. You could remember that. With Unova I can't remember where crap is at all and technically between one and two I should know that shit.

When they added Pokemon eggs that was pure beauty because it allowed for ev training. I don't remember if you know what that is or not. Basically it is what made the Pokemon competitions so cool. It was easy to get into because it was right there on a huge strip and you can never forget goldenrod.

Ok battle tower I'm not all that interest in but I feel it is a good idea. They did pretty well with the area in Platinum I believe....or was it Emerald? Either way it was pretty easy to...not have to track down what you needed it was all in one little area and you could do it in just any old sitting. It was a good start and stop function if you needed a little bit of Pokemon but couldn't actually play the whole game.

Now I am one of the few people, maybe the only person, I know that genuinely liked generation 3. One of the reasons I liked it is the environmental lets go poke around here feel to it. I had liked the ruins puzzles and underground parts of caves in Generation 2 and 3 expanded on that. That being said those parts could be easily skipped over in order to get on with the story and you didn't get lost in them. I can't say that as much with Gen 4 and you really, really can't say that with Gen 5. It is more than just that. When you have to team up with another trainer in game to get through mountains because of double pokemon battles it gets fucking annoying...even if they do heal you all the time.  Now Mount Silver was freaken huge but it had a reward at the end. Red you beat him and you said fuck ya I did it. You don't have that in the later games. In Gen 1 Rock Tunnel felt fucking endless but you could get through it without going back over and over to the pokemon centers. Best part when you got out of that mother fucker you felt accomplished. Maybe that is something I have lost in growing up but I just don't feel that with caves in the later generations.

Something else about Gen 3 they introduced Pokemon musicals. Ok this is probably one of the things that gets Gen 3 its shit rating but I don't think it deserved that AT THE TIME. Now with musicals and poffins and fucking movies and....toooo much. I can really appreciate the idea behind it. I mean Pokemon is a world. It is us if we had profound bonds with animals. It is our world and the Pokemon games are now trying to capture that more. Ethical issues are now being pushed forward as they would in the game. Professors use to be mentors that gave us simple advice. Now we have people like N and Looker and more Rivals that are no longer just people we have basic interactions with. They are representative of different messages. It is no longer a journey of making friends and sometimes helping keep people safe. With, you know some fishing and gambling on the side.

That’s the charm of Generation 2 and sometimes 3. They let you have that little personal touches of decorations and activities without having too many voices.

That being said pokemon has a beautiful range of topics for the undertones of the games. The first one was about greed and how if someone takes a stand they can rectify wrong situations. The second was about history and its effects on the present. The third the effects of the earth and its stability on the living population. The fourth how the universe and humans are affected by the choice of how to use science. The fifth ethics and personal opinion.
I love that diversity but at the same time I feel that message is over cast by the fillers.

Also what fillers should there be? I personally don't like how few trainers there are in some generations. I know you can re battle them but I would rather slowly make my way through an area then come back too it.

About battling I didn't like double battles and I haven't grown to like them more as time goes on. With that in mind it shouldn't be a shock that I don't like rotation battles or triple battles and I am unlikely to like sky battles in X and Y. Those features seem like they should belong in the battle frontier.

I wonder, really wonder, what kids feel when they first pick up pokemon and play the newest generation. Do they get the same feeling? Will they love it like I do? Do they feel it is too much?

And where is my college course for pokemon? I think it is time we had one.

 When did hm's become...not a thing? They use to be a very important thing....and accomplishment worthy thing but they became not a thing.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rattata and Philadelphia

I have so much to tell you. I went to Philadelphia from the 9th to the 16th and went to so many attractions I can't keep what I did straight in my head. The first day of the vacation I sat around with family friends and ate till it hurt. The second day was a family reunion in which....I ate till it hurt. When we finally started doing attractions we spent most of the days walking. We did as much free stuff as we could first.

I'm going to try and list all the places we hit up. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to get them all though.

  • The Liberty Bell Center
  • The Philadelphia History Museum at the Atwater Kent
  • Eastern State Penitentiary
  • The Betsy Ross House
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Christ Church and Burial Ground
  • American Philosophical Society Museum
  • Independence Hall
  • Washington Square
  • United States Mint
  • Quaker Meeting House
  • Elfreth's Alley
 There are a ton of places that we saw that we didn't go into like the Bishop White House, Powel House, Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, and City Hall.

We went on the Duck Boats and Bus city tours and caught some of the history that way. Man I wish I could remember all the stories.

Beyond this I've been getting back into school. You know? Attempting to get things done in a timely manner and failing. The usual.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Frank Zappa Tribute

This was a bit of a hell. I did a lot of work for this in the last two days. I started on the last bit on Monday at 1. At 8 at night my pencils started giving me a problem. They broke about 6 times in 5 minutes. I wish I was over estimating that number. I would run out to get some ended up taking two hours. The first store didn't have any, someone tried to hit me up for money, and the next store had a really slow check out. Finally my card wouldn't swipe and I had to waste time pulling out another.

The mic gave me hell as well. It was really staticy and I returned it. I found a way to edit it but then it chopped some of my words. I tried to rerecord those sections but there are still a few that are poor. To find a way to edit them took a good chunk of time and so did my poor reading skills. I kept messing up.

I didn't have time to finish the picture and get everything edited in time for the assignment. In fact after 26 hours, because I had to go to class then come home and upload it, I am technically late turning it in. I was tired and slept leave me alone.

The biggest hitch was the program had a hard time with the movie clips. I couldn't use all the film because I could only speed it up so much and only had so much to say. The clips would play black or buffer so I couldn't physically see what I edited and how it looked and sounded together. I ended up doing a few desperate things. One was to just go ahead and save it for publishing and upload it and hope it played right. When I did this for hd I couldn't find the file. So I just went ahead and did it in low quality and uploaded it. I got lucky and no black. Then I had to resave it as hd and upload it. It was still trying to do that as I left for class.

I was a bit extreme when I got there and I hope my class mates don't think I'm too crazy for giggling at the stupidest crap.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch

I have felt every emotion filming this. I had a ton of fun doing it the actual filming part. I loved looking up pokemon images to use. I also had a fit of nostalgia with the sounds. As for the actual video editing, well that was a bit of a hell. I still want to strangle the thing. I couldn't use the same video editor as before, it wouldn't let me post images over my video. I have no external mic so I couldn't overlay the sound. It was a mess. The carefully selected gifs didn't show up as anything but still frames. The quality is trashed, what happened to my large photos and hd film?!

It took a wile but the error was eventually fixed.

I'm thinking I'm just going to buy a mic and redue this whole film. No time for that now though. It is due today for speech class.

I didn't even meet the time requirements. Can't be helped though. I stayed up till 6am editing this. I need the brake.

I hope you enjoy it wile I go die of embarrassment at the horribleness.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Ok I don't really know if a tornado or anything actually touched down but there is a good bit of damage. Our power went off at 10:40 last night and didn't, according to my stepmother, come back on till 3 this morning. Quite frankly I slept through most of it so if there was any interesting sounds I missed out on them. I also missed out on a night of filming. -sigh- I have a speech that involves making a sales presentation. I have some fun ideas, if I have time to work on them.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Moon Tube!

One of my requirements for speech is to have a youtube channel. Well this technical challenged person felt she was in need of some practice. What better way to get use to being on camera then to crochet? Well I took my current project, all those little african flowers, and made a video.

This was a bit of a struggle. I really didn't know what I was doing and I did not have a good set up. For one I had to have the tripod between my legs for this to work. I also had to sit very awkwardly so 20 minutes into filming my back started to hurt. Enough complaining though. I'm excited to be working on videos. I'm not looking foreword to getting in front of the camera, I've been having some body issues jabbing at my self esteem, but I'll try my best. I need to come up with something for the lighting. That isn't my only problem as well. My computer screen is too high to attach the camera too without having a shelf in the shot. I'll have to move away from my computer and find a spot. I don't know how far the usb cable with stretch so this will be interesting.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Purple Elephants :Flower Total 64

I gave my speech today. I had to give it after class because we ran out of time so a good few people left. I ended up almost double the amount of time I had allotted. I am going to attempt, don't ask me when, to recreate this speech on youtube. Having youtube videos is a requirement for my speech class so I have bought a webcam. I'll just need to learn how to do everything. I'm not computer or internet literate even if I spend all my time online.

Any advice would be lovely.

I just got a lovely gift. There was this purple elephant doll my grandmother made sitting in the sun room. I loved that thing, I made inquires about it wile they where figuring out how to divide everything up since they had to sell the house. Well it was generally agreed that the stuffed animals would go to the great grand children seeing as the grand children had gotten them wile they where little. Someone sent me the elephant anyway. My dad just gave it to me. I'll need to find a way to clean it, there is water damage, and a few other repairs need to me made. The ribbons are literally braking off in my hand as it sits in my lap.

Saturday: I bought a skein of white after my speech, as well as a red and a brown, and started working on adding the last color to all the flowers. By the end of Saturday I had used the whole skein. It was perfect. I had exactly enough white for all the flowers...well except for the 4 that had the wrong number of petals. I'll work on those. Ether way I'm quite pleased with how things are going. I'm hoping to buy a green and a yellow skein to add a bit more variety to my flowers. After that I can start to think about the final construction.

The wool eater is close to being done as well. The brown I mentioned above is for the next section I need to do. It was really hard to pick one as none where the color I needed and I was picky for the pricing. This blanket is to use up scraps and I already invested a bit more then I intended for it. Still I think it is lovely.

Monday, June 3, 2013


The problem with small tipped pins is trying to get the lines to up in contrast without distortion. I'm here to tell you it doesn't need a scanner. I may go through the effort to hunt one down, eventually.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wool Eater Blanket 2

I'm half way done...and still not happy. I should have just stuck with browns and dark purple. As soon as I added the light purple I hated it. Oh well this whole thing was about using up my yarn. I wouldn't have had enough if I used only browns. As it is I'll probably need to buy a skein or two.

Friday, May 17, 2013

African Flower: Total 33

I'm still finding ticks. I also calculated I'll need somewhere around 200-300 of these things. Phufff.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

African Flowers: Total 27

I'm thinking, for picking colors, maybe I can pull them out of the art books I picked up in Charleston.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wool Eater Blanket

So last time I talked about finals but this time I would like to talk about where I have been for a little bit and what is happening with some of my posts. I do have a good few things I would like to post but they haven't been done enough so I had only one post set up on auto post. Seriously auto post would be brilliant if I was more dedicated to setting it up. As for where I was I took a mini vacation down to Charleston, South Carolina. I can see why it is such a highly rated tourist destination. The first day my father and I where out of the city. That is one of the few things we have in common, our love of just going out and walking. I enjoyed the walk but not so much the day. The family spent a ton of time arguing and just generally being unpleasant. We had meant to pick up some tea flavored Vodka for my stepbrother and see the famous Angel Oak. Sadly we didn't get the Vodka because we could not find any sign's for the distillery and do to how long we tried to find it we missed the closing of the gate for the oak tree by 17 minutes. Also the whole wile we where driving to find these places my father and I where picking off ticks. I'm not fully sure I got them all off ether. I have one spot on my leg that could be a tiny baby. Ew. That night I didn't sleep well, my family kept the light on in the hotel. I don't get it. I wasn't to happy about this trip to start with. I mean I do love the idea of getting out after all those finals but I was told last minute when we would leave. On top of that I had slept in till 3-4 the day they went for mothers day lunch and they left without me. Missing out on one of the few times we eat out and then told we are leaving early early the next morning is rubbish. They didn't even have the decency to tell me a time till way later. I should be grateful they told me a time at all, normally they don't. When they say early it could be anywhere from 3am till 11am. Like I said, rubbish.

The second day was much better. We went to the Charleston Museum to start with. It was pretty nice. I was most interested in the gun collection, their medical section, as well as their taxidermy section. I had to force my dad to stick around for the last one. I was having none of that rushing through like with the Smithsonian. Next it was down to the Old Exchange building on top of the Battery. The Battery is the wall that kept Charleston safe during its early years seeing as it was such a hard area to start a colony at. The Exchange is the only place the wall can still be seen from seeing as Charleston has artificially raised the ground several feet. I enjoyed the tour they gave. Normally I'm not too keen on the idea but at the same time with a good guide I find everything much more interesting. Finally the last of the day was spent in art galleries. By far my favorite was the RLS gallery. The hostess was very friendly and completely willing to share any information you wanted to know. She shared stories even if you didn't ask. Ok so many she was annoyingly friendly but I still couldn't find fault with her as she was so nice. My favorite artist was Nathan Durfee. Never before could I see myself wanting to buy a painting of a sheep farting into a tuba but I did. Really really didn't see that coming. K.C. Collins was also very inspirational. Anyone who uses an underwater aquarium camera to find references is ok in my book. Same could be said for Erik Johnson's goldfish. Fish are just cool ok?!

Now on to my own art. I really need to paint after all those lovely galleries but for now I'll share more yarn creations. This one again is from a pattern. I'm not a big blanket person so it is kinda the same as with my scarfs, just practice with patterns as a guide. This time it is the Wool Eater by Sarah London. It is a beautiful, and fairly simple, pattern. I'm hoping this will use up a large bit of spare yarn. I say that then buy three skeins so I can have a nice color transition, one I'm not even that happy about. I would call it beautiful up until that last row. There wasn't much I could do about it though. I didn't want to spend much so I wasn't going to buy an extra color and even with checking two stores I couldn't find a very good transition color that wouldn't cost me $20-30 by the time I was done. Oh well I'm sure it will be fine in the end. Though the picture makes me feel better about the real product because I hate it that much.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

African Flower

Long time no see. I'm done and threw with finals, yey. I worked much harder this semester then I did any other and it payed off. I got straight A's for the first time in my life. I'm super excited. I did a lot of crochet during this time trying to work off the stress. In fact I started two blankets which is new for me. I've never worked on something this big because my attention span is awful. I figured they would be good for me though. I still have a ton of yarn I need to go through and these will help. The first I would like to share is not the first project I started during finals. I have a lot of things started that I just haven't gotten around to posting. I don't like talking about wip because of how often I don't finish them. Why make myself and others excited for something that may never happen?

This lovely pattern can be found here: Craft Passion
I will admit it took me a bit to understand the pattern but after that they are easy to do.

Any color suggestions?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dieing here!

I'm not even sure where to begin. So much has happened since I last posted. I think I'm going to skip talking about work except to say it is getting better.

I'm pretty sure I'm sick. This would be the first time in years. It is ether that or I'm finally starting to react to the pollen which I never have reacted before. My throat hurt for a long time from talking so much at work. I finally got some cough drops and it went away, only for me to wake up with a runny nose, coughing, and lots of sneezing. I hope it goes away before I work on Friday.

I haven't slept much over the last few days. For one thing stress keeps waking me up and I'm skipping meals because of it. Beyond that I have 4 papers due all within the same 4 day school week. Most are 8-10 pages long. The first, even though I started it well before the due date, was such a pain I didn't get it done till the day it was due. This left me with a research paper due the next day after that one was due and I hadn't started. I ended up staying up all night and skipping class to get it done. I finished about 30 minutes before class and even then I was a page and a half short. At least I got the word count down. I still have one due Thursday that I haven't started.

I'm still taking the night off. I need the sleep and relaxation too much.

Here is a little needle work practice. It is all I have time for.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Whale Pattern

Pattern level: Easy
Hook size: F 5/3.75mm
Yarn: Red Heart Delft Blue

Row 1: Ch 2, 6sc in 2nd ch from hook (or start with a Magic Ring)
R2: Sc 2 in each sc around (12)
R3: Sc 1, 2 sc in next sc, rep 6 times (18)
R4: Sc 2, 2 sc in next sc, rep 6 times (24)
R5: Sc 3, 2sc in next sc, rep 6 times (30)
R6: Sc 4, 2 sc in next sc, rep 6 times (36)
R7: Sc 5, 2 sc in next sc, rep 6 times (42)
R8-23: 1sc in each sc for 15 rounds
R24: Sc 5, dec 1, rep 6 times (36)
R25-26: l sc in each sc for 2 rounds
R27: Sc 4, dec 1, rep 6 times (30)
R28: 1 sc in each sc for 1 round
R29: Sc 3, dec 1, rep 6 times (24)
R30: 1sc in each sc for 1 round
R31: Sc 2, dec 1, rep 6 times (18)
R32: Sc 6, dec 3, sc 5, 2 sc in next sc (16)
R33: 2 sc in next 2 sc, 3 sc, dec 3, 4 sc, 2 sc in next 2 sc (16)
R34: 5sc, dec 2, 8 sc (15)
R35: 2 sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc, dec 2, 7 sc (15)
R36: 5 sc, dec 2, 6 sc (13)
R37: 4 sc, dec 2, 6 sc (12)
R38: 2 sc, dec 2, 4 sc (8)
R39: Dec 2, Finish

Front Fins:
R1: Ch 2, 6sc in 2nd ch from hook (or start with a magic ring)
R2:  Sc 2 in each sc around (12)
R3: Sc 1, 2 sc in next sc, rep 6 times (18)
R4-9: Sc in each sc around for 6 rows

Back Fins:
R1:  Ch 2, 6sc in 2nd ch from hook (or start with a magic ring)
R2: Sc 1, 2 sc in next sc, rep 3 times (9)
R3: Sc 1, 2 sc in next sc, rep 5 times (15)
R4-7: Sc in each sc around for 4 rows

R1: Ch 12
R2: 11 sc
R3: Working into remaining foundation chain, 2 sc in next ch, 10 sc
Unused Foundation (Keep in mind that I do not use 3 sc for the turn.)

Working in the unused foundation turns the pattern from rows to rounds. I kept the pattern written in rows. Each row will be one side of the round.

R4: 2 sc in next sc, 10 sc
R5: 2 sc in next sc, 10 sc, 2sc in next sc
R6: 2 sc in next sc, 11 sc, 2sc in next sc
R7: 2 sc in next sc, 12 sc, 2sc in next sc
R8: 2 sc in next sc, 13 sc
R9+: Crochet in a round till desired length

Monday, April 1, 2013

Skarner WIP

There is so much to say so I'll start with Happy Easter, Happy April Fool's Day, and Happy Birthday to me.

I've been really stressed lately with worry about my new job and trying to get my life together. It isn't exactly falling apart but I have goals to meet. I did get so stressed I spent my breakfast crying over a ham sandwich. Though I felt better later when a few things where cleared up.

For my birthday someone made me a cake. It is huge! It is 3 layers and probably 8-10 inches high. It is a pineapple and some kinda nut with cream cheese frosting type cake.

I meant to spend the day working on essays seeing as I have 3-4 to do this week. I picked a topic for my research essay at the very least but I still spend much of the day sleeping. When I wasn't sleeping I was crocheting this little guy: Skarner

I also painted a large amount this weekend. I didn't finish anything but I'm hoping they will be up on Deviant Art soon. Don't count on that.

I finally got into see the Doctor for my lab results. There was a slight screw up the first time I tried to see her. They had put the appointment in my stepmothers name and it needed to be rescheduled. It ended up being on Friday at 8:40 am. Way to early but I didn't mind so much because I was finally getting what I needed. For three weeks I didn't have vitamin D and I realized just how bad I had been suffering without it. I was miserable but I am better now. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to take myself to my appointment, which is funny because I normally get stressed about that kind of thing, because I was hoping to pop by the Biology building. On Fridays they don't have class but they keep the doors unlocked. I was hoping to paint the specimens they have in the rooms.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


I've recently bought two books and both are on brushwork in painting. The books are called the Brushstroke Handbook by Maureen McNaughton and Brushwork Essentials by Mark Christopher Weber. I love them both, for different reasons. The first has extraordinary detail and the art work is beautiful. The second is good for a quick reference. I've been wanting to paint for a wile now. I played around for a bit and then switch to trying to apply what I picked up from a quick look through of these books. Mind you the ones in the squares are india ink and white paint by Sargent Art. The bottom two pages are Crayola Tempera.

Other then painting I've been shopping for many hours over the last two days. I was looking for black pants. I didn't get any black pants. I did find the shoes I need for work though. I also bought a dress, two shirts, and I found Coraline for $5. My dad picked up the Gremlins also. He mentioned he would get the Harry Potter ones all at once because they where $10 for each in blueray. The only reason he wasn't was because they where missing the last two. I knew they couldn't be so I went and found them. He said he was using that as an excuse and that he really wasn't serious. Damn.

Now here is the too much information second of the blog:
So wile I was trying on a half dozen dresses I noticed something. I have back flab that make the perfect love handles. I don't use that term like most people mean it to be general fattiness I mean actual perfect description of a love handle as just a hand sized, squeeze me, type spot. It is cute and disturbing at the same time.

Secondly I scored when it came to buying bras. Ok maybe not the best score I could hope for but considering how often I go into flying rants about them I'll consider it a score. I have a awkward size that is very rarely if ever found in stores. Victoria secret doesn't even make up into the cup size. Those that do make them normally charge $50-60. Considering you should buy new ones every six months I'm sure you understand my need for rants. I found very close to my size this weekend, close enough I won't feel crushing disappointment after looking, and they where on sale. I got two for $20. A size or so too small in the cup and not the best shape but I'll take it.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cheers! & Whale!

On Wednesday I went to a job interview, I actually found it to be a great experience. It was relaxing and satisfying at the same time. It was like playing hooky but doing something really good at the same time. I'm also glad it didn't last too long, no time to panic. It was also a really nice and sunny day so waiting outside was a dream.

Back to reality. I barely had my shit together, I had my references but their was pieces missing. They also asked about my school, which is a new one to me, and I didn't have the address,ect. I ended up sneaking off to the car in order to try and find the info seeing as I had my school bag with me and just maybe the fact I don't clean it out would save me. It did in a way. I'm awful with names so I was glad I could snag my teacher name off of my syllabus. Then it was a long wait and I paced back and forth after doodling for a wile. The interview lasted maybe 5 or so minutes. They had no idea how to pronounce my last name. This allowed me a bit of friendly banter. She asked why I picked the hours I did and I told her it was because I was at school in those earlier hours. She asked why I wanted to work there and I said I believed them to be the best to allow me to further my schooling. Then finally I was asked a time when I had helped someone. I stumbled a bit on this one, I am really not a helpful person and my head went to gaga land, but I quickly got back on track and said I helped the drama department at my school, even though I was not in drama. I said it also helped myself since I am an art major and making stage sets was good experience.

I woke up the other day thinking it was a perfect day and everything would go well. My books came in that I ordered and I had the house to myself. Best yet I got a call that told me I got the job. I'm really excited.

Now I'm going to have to be responsible. O.O

Friday, March 8, 2013

Bookshelf Ink Drawing

Hi! It's been a wile. Little bit about art, I still haven't found the yarn I need for Rattata. My bad, kinda a problem using what you have on hand. I've also been working on a commission. It is a bit too big for a decent blog post. It would all be wip with little diffences even after a few hours of work. So that's why I've been laying off on the blog posts. No excuse for not drawing though, that is where I tell you I've been playing pokemon. Yep.

I've been enjoying playing though. I bought the newest games in December and it is 2 months later that I'm finally playing them. Tumblr, once you've found it there is no getting out. I don't even have an account.

I recently finished up my midterms. They where mostly essays, yey. Sociology was hell, Literature was fine, bla bla bla.

I went shopping yesterday. I really need to stop that but not even the punishment of carrying two text books for a mile is enough. I found one on Literature and one called Gardner's Art through the Ages. A hundred dolor book for a $1.29? Sure! Course this just made me want to paint and...well keep me out of the art supply store please.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Orange Cat

Yesterday was great. I went with my family to the state history museum. I had a great time with the Mayan section. Almost immediately I wanted to rush home and start making a plushie never mind if I had commissions or not. They have the cutest animals ever. I had a really great time in the science section. My Dad and eye played around with a lot of the inventions an optical illusions. We spent about 10 minutes on this one balance tester. The score for the day was 2.7 seconds and we would not leave until it was beaten. I was the first one to get anywhere close it it at 2.3 and did better over all then my dad because I would get in the high 1's. My dad wins the final score though. I had given up and told him he had one more try, the rat got 3.4 and we ended the moment with a awkward not facing each other highfive. Another one we did was where you had to try and trace the lines of a star inbetween too copper pieces. The copper would buzz if you hit it. The hard part was that you had to trace it in a mirror. My dad hit my arm my first try to test it. I got him back by telling him to try on the other and then proceeded to laugh at all the buzzing and his version of cursing coming from the other side. I managed, the time I wasn't pushed, to do the whole star without hitting the copper. I came close though.

The art section was down but there was art being displayed by the artist Mort Kunstler. It isn't very often that both me and my dad adore an artist but he made us both fall in love. I wanted nothing more then to rush home and paint. I was just short of declaring that I needed to stay off the internet so I could become a master. That was pushing it but I am seriously considering doing it when I transfer schools and I told him so.

Here is his wedsite: Mort Kunstler

Also this may be tmi but it needs to be said, the way to make yourself hate everyone around you is to have to use the restroom painfully for a half hour. Everyone instantly becomes assholes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So Gaiaonline had its 10th anniversary yesterday and I freaken loved it. I talked to so many people. I meet a couple who based their characters off of the Real Disney Housewives so there was a drunken Cinderella and a prince running around with gifs. I talked to so many people, even found a few mods to ask things of. I got a spooky anon gift. It was cool.

I didn't post this yeserday do to the fact my camera battery died. It takes months for that to happen and I always fail to realize when it is going.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

The end of the weeks seem to be pretty hard on me now. It is kinda odd knowing that taking Vitamins has a distinct difference the longer it has been since I had one. This just reminds me of how hard it was every day before that and I didn't really realize the drastic difference. That being said I went straight to bed as soon as I got home at 5 and stayed that way till 7. I guess it is a good thing I didn't have a date or anything planned. I get the feeling I knew today would be off, I got a shower before bed last night something I haven't done in a long time since I tend to favor taking them in the morning now. I didn't even get changed this morning, I just stayed in the guy shirt and paint stained pants. This lead to the awkwardness of having almost the same shirt as my Lit teacher. I was also abnormally cold, normally I'm the last in long sleeves but today I saw people wearing way less and perfectly fine. I knew it was pretty bad when I had three blankets on, something I don't do till it gets below 30.

As for it being a holiday, well I got a chuckle at the fact that the only songs I heard on the way home where break up songs. Nice radio, good job. I also loved the youtube videos that came out today or over the last few days, I felt the need to share them all.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I was reading a scifi book and a worm hole opened up and took me to another planet where I had to fight giant crabs. Thats my story and I'm sticking too it.

Anyway I really did try and sit down and draw I just couldn't get into it. I did do a few shoes because it seemed fitting wile watching 101 Dalmatians. Other then that I've quite forgotten what I had meant to tell you. I guess it just isn't important. Though I do remember this, I'm out of stuffing and haven't thought about getting more, I don't want to spend the money but I probably will. I've been avoiding the book store but been doing more reading so yey?

I meant to post this a few days ago but I didn't finish it. I did however got a post up on my other blog. Short and sweet....

Sunday, January 27, 2013

WIP: Rattata 4

It's been a wile, sorry about that. I needed the time off. I'm a bit behind on my school work, so much reading, and I had one really bad day where I just came home, curled up with a teddy bear, and cried. Friday I went to the doctor for my test results. Turns out I had a good reason for my head hurting so much and being tired all the time. I'm pretty badly in need of Vitamin D. The healthy range is 50, mine came back as 19. I now have a lovely little prescription to try and get the numbers up. One thing I am glad for is my lit homework. I can turn the journal questions into a blog post on my reading blog. If I can finish the reading that is. I got to admit I rarely did for my other lit classes, or any other for that matter. I still have 2 hours, come on you can read 40 pages!

Sadly I didn't get too much more of this done but I am still working on it. He is starting to creep me out.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I picked up another Star Wars book today. I really need to work on Death Star. I did a bit, there is just so much reading. That is pretty much all I am doing. o.o Yet I'm so far behind. Boo internet...DX Oh no internet I love you. -pets-

Monday, January 21, 2013

WIP: Rattata 3

Not much progress. I spend most of the day reading for college and watching Documentaries. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I think it will look pretty good, yet awkward, when it is done. I wasn't really sure what to do with Rattata seeing as it's mouth was pretty extreme but I'll just have to live with it.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

WIP: Rattata 2

Special thanks to everyone who has been watching. This month had doubled my normal amount of views and the month isn't even over yet.

Friday, January 18, 2013


What A Day

Ok so I didn't get anything done to show off but I figured I could still talk because I do have a lot I would like to post. I over slept because I didn't turn on my alarm and missed my first class. My second class was amazing though. I wished I had recorded it. It was on the enlightenment. We talked, in part, about the commonly used philosophy quote, "I think, therefor I am." The quote actually comes from the start or slightly before enlightenment period. Before this period it was believed you have no control over your fate and everything you do is the will of God. Basically people believed they where evil and there was no way at all to change that. No one believed anyone could change the world. The quote comes from Rene Descartes having a mental breakdown. He was a good little church goer but started to question it. His conclusion, persay, was that nothing can be trusted and his thoughts are the only thing he can trust. His trust was in the fact he could think.

This was mind blowing because now he realized he has control. He controls how he sees the world and his actions in it. That wasn't something they believed at that point in time. I think this is pretty cool because now we pretty much all have this thought that we can make the world better or change it in some way.

There was also a lot of police cars wile I was at the campus. I don't know why but I am thinking someone was hurt. It happened twice wile I was there. Beyond that I came home and painted. Since it isn't a still live I'm not posting it here. Sadly, or maybe not, I got so into it I lost track of time. Now it is 1am and I'm just not going to do it. -fail-

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pokemon Figures 3

Yesterday I watched the Vlogbrothers at Carnegie Hall and got so wrapped up in it that I completely forgot anything I might have posted here. I was rewatching it because I missed the opening and John said something that my Literature teacher had said in class that day. It was about writers and reader being collaborators. I now know I'm going to like this teacher.

For my sociology class we went to the library to go through how to use the databases. Well I already knew this so it was basically a waste of time and pretty boring. My human sexuality class was pretty nice. I will say one of the more opinionated girls....gets to me. I like the way he has things set up the only thing he puts on slides is a must, must know for a test. The rest of what he teaches is just him talking and asking us questions.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pikachu Plush

I like my teachers so far. Don't like that I had to buy all the books. I mean really it went down like this "Pick 8 chapters from the book to write your essay on." I spent way to much money today on books, yarn, and zippers. Oddly enough the zippers cost more then the books (non text book) and the yarn. Oh one of my teachers is....a hard ass.. Not from his grading, as far as I know, but he may kick you out of class for....just about anything. No phones at all in the class, if your kid is sick have them call security to come and get you, I'm just waiting for him to start on jewelry.
My friend had to prod me a bit to do this post....well tell me to draw pikachu. It is sweltering hot here, wtf, and I just didn't want to do anything. But I was good.

This got me rambling in my head though. I was thinking maybe I should try uploading on the weekends, two drawings and one plushie. Then I was all "no slacking you failure." I shouldn't be overworking myself. When have you ever worked too much?

I feel this isn't a choice I can make in the first month....let alone on the first day back to school.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pokemon Figures 2

My first skip of the new year. Shame shame. In my defense I got so much done. I went to the doctor in the morning. We managed to talk about everything that I wanted too as well as managed to avoid those I didn't. I had my blood drawn which went so much better then I could have hoped for. See I get shocky whenever I read or hear someone talking about blood. In Biology I even had the teacher stop her lecture on blood types and ask if I was alright. I didn't feel anything when my blood was taken. Maybe it was too quick but the prick didn't hurt so it is all good.

Now just to wait for what horrible thing is wrong with me.

After that we went to eat because we couldn't eat for 12 hours before the test. Then the shopping. I couldn't find any Zippers at the BX, Big Lots, or Staples, not that I expected too. At Big Lots I picked up 4 new fabrics for bags and a new thing of yarn which was just the cutest blue.

When I got home, and much of this morning, I started my first piece for my portfolio. Or at least what may become my portfolio. I have one year before I hope to be able to get into art school. I also have not forgotten this little gallery down the way. I'm trying to get my crap together so I can. I am such a failure in regards to jobs. I also finished up part two of my intro essays over at Imperial Anthology. I'm so looking foreword to being able to read more into the book now that I got that part out of the way.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

WIP: Bags

I managed to get up at 9am, rather then 2-3pm, and go shopping with my family in order to find new glasses. I ended up getting two pairs, you know those deals. They are super cute. One is a redish animal print and the other is purple. I am so excited. I'll have to wait for the frames to come in because they where ordered.

Beyond that I played pokemon. I'm getting better at doing a little bit more throughout the night. I no longer do just one thing in a day but I am still behind. Can't win can I? For these bags I still need zippers and I probably won't get them till around the 15th. I also keep putting of the righting I need to do. There is just so much before school starts.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I'm scared, nervous, something. I haven't been for the longest time and I am just waiting for bad news. I'm probably over reacting....ok not probably, I am over reacting. There isn't a lot that you honestly couldn't live with as well as live with. Still it isn't a thing that many are comfortable with.

Pokemon Figures

Much of my day was spent doing chores. I also watched a bit of Boy Meets World. I've been watching the series and today was one of my favorite episodes, "And Then There Was Shawn." I love this series. I felt it was pretty simple but it covered all the messages that needs to be heard by those growing up. It covered the topics of respect for women and dressing as a women all in one episode, it covers commitment, love, respect for race and differences, and pretty much every topic you can think of.

Tomorrow I will be going and trying to find a new set of glasses. Wish me luck because the ones I've looked at so far are awful.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


These are a few pins I got from my Grandmother for Christmas. That sounds so sweet but the story isn't. My grandmother has Alzheimer's so she can't live alone anymore. Her house is being cleared out to be sold.

I had a bit of a hard time thinking of something to draw. I don't want something too easy and not anything I had already done. This cuts back a bit on what I have still that I can do. The rest of my day has been reading off of tumblr. Oh Dear.

Monday, January 7, 2013


I totally changed my sleeping habits for today in order to get my eyes checked. The doctor was probably the best I've had. He probably told me more about what was going on in one sitting then I've been told since I've started wearing glasses. That has been a long time. I believe I was in the 4rth grade when I started wearing them. He also told me exactly how my eyes where changing and why. I normally hate getting my eyes check. That poofy thing is the worst and those drops are hateful. It didn't bother me this time and turns out they changed the drops so they fade in minutes. It was a joy...till I looked at the frames...that was bad. My dad will be taking me to pick some out, since my stepmother refused.

These wings, not these exact ones, are from a little side project I am working on that won't be reviled for a wile. I also started another blog, yes I am clearly crazy, and I will be posting response essays for books and just about anything else I can read. It is called Imperial Anthology because I'm secretly hoping to read through the Star Wars series if I can get my hands on them. Don't worry won't all be Nerdy.

Don't they look like flippers? Got to love the back ground. I was so late with this post that I didn't move my leopard plushie.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Candy Corn Pattern

I haven't had anyone look over this before I am posting it so I hope all will be well. For the gauge just keep in mind this is an amigurimi pattern, worked in the round, so it is best to use a size smaller hook than normal. You will need three colors. Finally don't be silly and mix up the colors!
A is the medium color. 
B is the darkest color.
C is the lightest color.
Ch 9 using A
Row 1: sc7, inc
Row 2: Continue stitches on back side of starting chain
inc, sc 7
Row 3: inc, sc 6, inc, sc1, inc, sc 7
Row 4: inc, sc 1, inc, sc 7, inc, sc 1, inc, sc 9, inc
Row: 5-6: sc 26
Row 7: Color B sc 11, dec, sc 11, dec
Row 8: sc 24
Row 9: dec, sc 9, dec, sc 11
Row 10-12: sc 22
Row 13: dec, sc 7, dec, sc 9, dec
Row 14: sc 7, 2 dec, sc 7
Row 15: Color C sc 17
Row 16: dec, sc 5, dec, sc 8
Row 17: 6 dec
Row 18: weave end in between stitches around edge and pull to close.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


My lovely friend who I mentioned the other day has now started a blog herself. I must return the favor. Her blog has a great start showing much love for what is around her. You can find her here: Dragon-nest-eggs

Something my friend's mother brought up, about my blog, I feel the pressing need to address. In my intro post I touched on my use of patterns but I feel I can elaborate more.

I learned to crochet when I was 9 or 10 but it took me till I was 17 to learn to read patterns. I had tried before then but I didn't grasp it. I had a bit of help and searched the internet before I finally was able to get anywhere with them. However, I haven't used many. I can now read them but I am not proficient and have only worked a few projects from patterns. I used them just long enough to get the concepts down. I have only used patterns for how to complete stitches in the last 2-3 years so I haven't even really seen a pattern for a complete project in that time. This is the main reason I haven't given it much consideration to adding patterns on the site, ether my own or as featured.

There is other reasons, besides possibly not being able to make a pattern that others would understand, for my not writing any. Most of my large projects I don't even take notes for other then when symmetry is needed. So I can't even repeat those projects without guessing as to what I did. For big projects I don't mind them being one of a kind. Too much work and too many ideas to want too make another exactly the same. For little projects, like all those bunnies you saw, I did write a pattern for. Problem with that is I'm probably the only one who can read it because it is all numbers and dashes. If I did write any words down it would be something like 5 steps or go to half way.

It would just take an extreme turn about from how I normally work for me to write a pattern. That being said I am up for taking requests. Small ones that is. I am willing to try and make patterns for you and if I honestly can't write a step I'm sure there is a way to work around that.

Why I like...

JACKASS! I was talking with someone and they said they thought of them as stupid. 

I use to think Jackass was stupid but it has grown on me. I really like their characters. Ya they are jerks, however, I think it's a great trait to be able to face up to pain. We avoid it so much we have crappy relationships and do absolute shit for ourselves. Knowing what they can put up with from each other shows they have better friendships then you or me will probably ever have because they are more forgiving then we could be. Even if they are in a hell of their own making they are still going to have a better time then we can make for our selves. Kinda makes you think about just how much you hold back because your afraid and how little you can really bring yourself to do, you know?

That was my first thoughts on the subject while I was taking with the person. Now I think it is even truer. I feel I hold myself back far too much. Over the past year I've challenged myself more, have done more, and committed to more but I still feel it is all within my comfort zone.  Now don't get me wrong this little incite won't get me to stick my hand in a snakes mouth but it is a good realization to have. Knowing exactly where you stand can be useful.

As for this little guy....I don't know. I think he started out as a mouse....I honestly can't remember what was going on in my head. He was started in November I believe. He looks like he has a lightbulb for a tail.

I was 17 minutes off from making this post on time. I knew I shouldn't have got that sandwich. So good though.