Saturday, December 31, 2011

What do I call it?

It started out as a dog...then I thought it look more like a hippo, now I just want to slap antlers and a red nose on it and call it Rudolf.

I wonder what others think, if an artist changes what an object is from what they once had thought it was, would it be a failure because they couldn't capture what they wanted or is it even better because it took on its own characteristics?

I'm not sure. I don't feel like I succeeded but I don't think I failed. I'm conflicted as well, I have a few crochet projects started, as well in my mind, but a part of me wants nothing more then to rush to a store for 25 cent felt squares in order to practice making cloth patterns.

Maybe I can just promise myself if I finish a section on a project I can make one small felt plushie. I do this a lot, make something small wile I work on a bigger project, the problem is now and again a bigger project will fall through.

For art I struggle to come up with ideas at time but for these plushies I'm bombarded daily with ideas. I had two wonderful ones today, two wonderfully large scale ideas.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Not so bad?

I had company over today for a nice dinner so I didn't work today, at least not yet any way. I'm not sure what I want to work on ether. What should be on the top of my list is my fabric plushie. I turned him inside out and stuffed him not too long ago. He turned out pretty well but he does have a few ugly spots.

This person has the right idea:

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Attacks on Chickens

I'm watching my Uncles animals. He has 5 goats, bunches of chickens, more cats then I can name of the top of my head, and three dogs. That isn't too bad because they all have their own little areas and all but two of the dogs are outside.

Last time I watched his animals they had a pig which got out and ate a good bit of the food that was in a trash can. Did this time go any better? No. Did I expect it too? Not really.

I went to feed the cats after letting the dogs out of the house and found one of the food bowls missing. I looked around and found it in a bucket of oil. The cats had tipped the topper off. I took the bowl inside all the wile fighting to keep as much oil from dropping. I went back outside and finished feeding the cats, it wasn't a big deal. However, when I turned to the right I saw two chickens had gotten out....from the same place the pig did. Something had dug around the pitchfork that was blocking it. The words this isn't going to end well streaked through my head and sure enough Jake goes straight for the chicken. He completely ignored my calls and trying to catch running animals just never works. When the chicken stayed in one spot I came in and snatched it up. Jake sat on his butt and looked at me like I just found the best toy ever to play catch with. Stupid animal.

I took a few moments to come up with what the hell am I going to do thoughts. I could take the chicken with me up to the house to get the dogs inside but that didn't seem right to the poor chicken who was still squawking. On the other hand I couldn't put him back in the pin from where I was. She was clearly hurt and I didn't want to drop her from 4-5 feet up. It also wasn't a good idea to go to the smaller section of fence with the other chicken being there. What if the dogs got a hold of it? I took the chance. Jake wasn't leaving my side but I had his "toy" and he seemed to ignore the other chicken. It turned out well. Jake ignored the other chicken and walked back up to the house with me.

All that was left was to get the other chicken. Curly, that beautiful dog, was interested in the chicken but payed attention to ME and helped stop the chicken from running away.

The first chicken really did hurt her leg and I'm not sure what will happen to it. If it isn't using both legs by tomorrow it may have to be put down.

All of this made me really not want to make something for this post but a crappy day is no reason not too.
I probably took more time trying to get a good picture then actually making this little chicken. I used the yarn my mother gave me for Christmas.

Time: 1 hour
Size: 3"wide
2" tall

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Color Practice

Reading Color by Betty Edwards inspired me to get back into color theory training. I took one of the images in the book to use as my recreation piece. The original was The White Duck by Jean-Baptiste Oudry. I used a split complement of yellow-orange, red-orange, and blue-purple.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh My Eyes!

I'm paranoid of losing my ability to see and for good reason. My eye sight is extremely poor. It doesn't help that I sit in front of the computer far too much. In the hopes of adding some health to my eyes, as well as the rest of me, I'm trying to get outside for at least an hour a day to look out into the distance. I can't exactly go for long walk, which is a whole 'nother story, but I can wonder around the yard. I'll need to look less at my feet and more with what is in front of me.

Yesterday was my first day and I took the time to draw my current house.
The middle second of this drawing is a mess compared to what was really there. As a life drawing it is a poor example but as a drawing it is still nice in my book.

Today was a test to see if I would make it outside again. From the time my family got up it rained harder and harder but by the time I got up around 4pm it was very nice out. Also, yes, I do need to work on my sleep schedule if I want this to work.

I have something to help me with my goal, at least for this week, my Aunt and Uncle are out of town and I'm house sitting. Getting payed to go outside and play with animals? Yes please.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I Found Jesus and He's in My Earrings.

I find that every year I get some type of jewelry and these are, I don't have a word for it. A few that know me extremely well know that religion makes me willy for whatever reason. However, I find myself really liking them and they make me a little bit giddy, like finding a face in your toast or a chip.

I originally wasn't going to post about my gifts but instead keep it simple. I find myself wanting to share after a few unexpected gifts that excite my "its shiny" senses. I also think it is a great way to say thank you to those who got me gifts.

My step brother Barry
Jean and Roland
My Mother, Father, and Step Mother

I wanted to make a nice still live for you all to see but I'm finding, after looking through the house, that it is not a very good one at all. It goes to show I still need to be more open to what is around me. This teddy bear was a gift from my mom's boyfriend and the ribbon piles are ribbon pine cones, which are pretty fun to make, are past gifts from my step mothers family.

Now on to the presents. I'm extremely thankful my dad allowed me to get a new computer on Black Friday. My step brother and the beginning of the year gave me his old laptop. It got me through the year but it was wheezing all along the way. I couldn't do art like I wished as well as the fans where dead, the speakers went, it over heated, and finally just before thanksgiving my powercable started fighting me. I said enough. I went with a pc to get a little more bang for my buck.
Not much of a picture for that one. I hope you are distracted enough by the pokemon not to judge my mess. I don't get off the computer so I'll be working in front of it.

Do to a bit of a miscommunication between me and my mother I ended up with a Kindle. I had wanted one up until my computer died and I called it off so not one of my parents would have to pay for it all. Well my mom being the considerate mother, darn, went and got one much to my surprise. A few of the plushies I've agreed to make/sell will help with the difference.
I got more jewelry then just Jesus earrings.
My mother remembered I have bought yarn before and picked some up for me. I didn't get into making things too much wile I was there so I'm a little surprised she got me some.
On Black Friday my step mother and I hit up CVS with a bunch of coupons. I ended up getting a lot of more daily use type items, some of which was make up which I haven't warn in a year. It will be kinda fun to have the option of wearing it again.

I also got some clothes. I happened to also pick up the blue jacket and blanket in this picture.

I'm also thinking my step mother talked to J & R about the make up because this is part of what they got me:

The top row was from others my step brother and step mother.

Finally I got a new art book to add to the ever growing number I haven't read. I'm going to try and read as much as I can today. So far that equals part of the intro.
This turned out to be kinda a show off blog but that maybe seen as the point of a Christmas post. Also have to do the most important part of a Christmas post.
Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Herdier's done?

I feel like I'm a bit of a dits for this one. I've moved the buttons I was going to use for his eyes one too many times and now I've lost them. I'm sure I will find them at some point but till then I can't avoid updating with "completion" pictures. Even with missing eyes I'm very excited for him to be sewn together. There are a few less details then I had planned but that is ok as well. I'm very happy to be showing this, almost, year long project.
Merry Christmas Eve Everyone
 I would also like to say Happy 100th page view. Thank you everyone who has come to see my projects and those that have been fallowing throughout my updates.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ommm is the thought of the day.

While I was working on Slowpoke I had to make a trip to the store. Not only did I need the last bit of yarn but I also needed thread. This need landed me in the new fabric department at Walmart. The shopaholic I am couldn't resist the scrap piles of fabric.

Never mind I haven't a clue about using it. This little monstrosity, maybe, proves that.
I mean wtf is that. XD Will it even look good once it is turned? I'm not so sure, we will find out. I think I may be very embarrassed about this one. Just a feeling like something will peak out with a face.

I'm beginning to think those who make fabric plushies are warlocks. I have no idea what I am doing with this one and I'm feeling that excited high when you are trying something new and wanting to see how it turns out. With my crochet dolls I can fake it but with this I'm not so sure.

Now.....Christmas.....I still haven't thought of what I'm going to do. I think it is a bit too late to think of anything real nice. As for Herdier....well I did more sewing on it but I'm spending most of my time staring at it pondering how I'm going to attach the head. That has been my biggest question throughout the making and I need an answer and soon.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day Off

My sleep has been completely trashed lately and with Holiday activities becoming more apparent I'm taking a day off creating. Where nothing new is being made I do have something to show. I mentioned I still had more still lives I didn't post and figured I would post the one that got me working.

I was unhappy with not having drawn in a long wile at the beginning of this year. I made up my mind to pick up a pen and draw the living room wile I watched tv. With in the living room there is an old fashioned couch that was perfect practice with its packed details in the wood. I enjoyed the outcome and made drawing with pen the new way I would draw still lives.

The pens I use are Zig Memory System Millennium pens size 05.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Progression Picture: Herdier

He is almost done....but not within the time I promised myself. I think subconsciously I like to lie. Ether way, I am working. This post may not be the big tada I wanted but teasing works just as well. See I'm even lying to myself.

Pokemon Black and White was a wonderful game, I really hadn't worked up that much awe for a pokemon game in a long time. I did get that new feeling for a bit and I even feel in love with some of the new pokemon stronger then I remember for the first time playing a game. Normally my strong feelings for a pokemon in a select generation doesn't come about till years after. I remember using Slowpoke back in my earliest run threw of Gold but it wasn't till I replayed with the earliest team I remembered in honor of the remakes that I truly feel in love. Flaaffy is also one that I feel in love with around this time frame wile playing Soul Silver. Come to think of it maybe my weird love just comes from the fact that Johto is my favorite region, whatever.

I mentioned my Aunt gave me some of my yarn, that was this past summer, and in the pile was several new Red Heart browns, grays, and tans. It screamed use me, even thought Flaaffy was neglected and left unfinished, and my head went to Cubone but I realized that was hard. My senses came to me shortly after and my head reminded me how Herdier/Stoutland took the spot light in all my battles wile I was playing. My plan was born and a promise that he would be my biggest plushie yet. Ya totally not a stupid idea. That may have sounded fully sarcastic but I would like you to know it was only half sarcastic. For being such a big plushie was was very seamless in the making and quickly progressed so long as I wasn't distracted. Even so I was distracted twice for several months.

I came up with a new way to do paws and I've found it very helpful, I even used it on my Valentines Dog. Basically work in a round till the required size and tack down. Sounds to simple for me to be called clever but it looks good.

Even though this picture is at least 4 months old only one of those cats is finished. I'm really starting to dislike that dark blue and white one. Somehow I think it is going to end up as my mascot because it sticks around too long.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Burt's Bees Lotion: You saved me!

I don't know what it is with my skin, more specifically the skin on my hands. Every winter it is a fight against my hands ripping open and bleeding. No I'm not over exaggerating. It never quite got to that point but it was getting there and it isn't even cold. I'm still wearing short sleeves but seems like no one told my hands. The problem comes from my washing my hands more then normal do to working with fabric and yarn so much. It took me a wile to have my step mother remember to give me lotion but she finally gave me a bottle.  Two days later and my hands are almost back to normal. To show my happyness over this my newest still life drawing is, you guessed it, Burt's Bees Lotion.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Valentine Dog?

In my materials post I showed a work in progress using tan and pink yarn. I bet you wondered what it was. Well wonder no more.
He is 12" long and 6" in height. He took 23 hours to complete. I didn't make him with Valentines day in mind but I really can't get it out of my head after I added the red eyes. Any other color was just too dark. This little dog was pretty easy to make all in all. I had a few problems with ties coming loose, one of my most common problems, but none of the thread stitches unraveled. I had used this method of making an animal fuzzy before but this time it went a lot faster. Best of all I finished using another skein but the Pound of Love makes it to another day.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ink Still Lives

I love ink still life drawing. Just me, my pen, and the object in front of me. I find it the perfect way to capture what is you see at any given moment. I would like to use my still lives as a reason to get out and really look at the places around me.

This is a picture of my work desk, my painting storage under the window, and the other desk which I don't use but do keep my art books on. Above those art books are manga and above that is dvd's and finally stuffed animals. On the left is more books, mostly children's chapter books and classics, as well as the top shelf where I keep many of my more personal stuffed animals. This is a bigger picture:
This is my dresser right in front of my left desk as well as ceder trunk. I kinda hate this thing right now for being covered. Earrings, hair ties, and bangles everywhere.
These are a few other random objects from around my room.

This was started from a weird conversation about a lamp and a lamb. When ever someone says they wish they could draw like me I tell them to go draw from life and grab a lamp. Somewhere along the way a lamb was added in and I made up my mind to take my own advice and draw a lamp....only I didn't get very far.

Finally I have a few from when I went to my grandmothers:

Sadly the only one of these done anytime recently was the leopard hair bow. I also, silly me, forgot the few loose sheets I have in my desk. I can post them later. As for why these are so yellow I took them outside and the sun was going down. I couldn't take them earlier because I was at a Children's Christmas play. The play was good but I ate too much after.

I would like to thank Nexess from Zantarni for editing these pictures to remove the nasty yellow. I'm an artist who can't photo edit, oh my.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Yesterday I mentioned I was influenced by Love and Sandwiches. Today I would like to post a few more that I adore. What can I say? I love looking up others who enjoy crafts.

I first looked at this gallery in full today. Devil Fennec twins by Santani are to say I want one and I don't say that too often for another artist. -cheap- These a much less like plushies and more sculptures. I can just picture one on my bookshelf.

These are the perfect size plushie with wonderful details and a cheaper price. Dog lovers especially should enjoy them. I wish I had a gallery rather then a shop to show you but oh well.

Twisty Creations
Nicoles Critters

These are gorgeous and not plushies. The patterns are wonderfully creative but not so complicated that you get over powered by them. The shop is very nicely stocked with a wide range of colors.

Trendy Knitting

My top two picks are:
Crocodile Mohair Shawl
Ivory Flower Shawl

This is a person is one I've watched for a little wile now.  adds so much character to everything she makes. I hadn't seen so much mixed media in art animals before.

Wile looking for those I had in mind for this post I ended up finding several more that fall into into similar ranges. It was really hard to keep it at 5 artists. I think I will have to do this again soon and I hope you all enjoy these artists work as much as I do.

Friday, December 16, 2011

It is a Kitty Invasion!

As many of you have heard I've done a LOT of kitty plushies. I do believe it is time to show them all off, plus an odd bunny or two. I'll show one group shot and then I will show more pictures at the end of this post.
Each kitty takes 3 hours to complete with the size shown in the picture above. They stand at 5" not including the ears. Out of a small skein I can get around 2-3 kitties.

I love crochet but sometimes I feel I could get more done if I just sewed fabric plushies. I have been putting it off in hopes of getting a sewing machine, something I don't know how to use, ultra expensive at times, yet I want it any way. I get the feeling I'm 2 in the give me stage this year. This is when inspiration hit in the from of fuzzy fabric, multiple eyes, and tentacles by Love and Sandwich. I was lucky enough to have some fabric laying around when this inspiration happened, also that the fabric, even thought it was at least 8ish years old, still looked bright.
I'm not a big fan of sewing but I'm glad I did this plushie. I feel it turned out well. He is 9" tall.

The brown/copper kitty is made with Vanna's Glamour. The rest are Red Heart. Poor purple kitty doesn't look too good in this picture.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tools, Storage, and Buttons

Lots and lots of much so you will probably think I'm a bit strange. Before that lets look at my yarn stash and where I keep it.
This cedar chest, which makes my yarn smell nice, was picked up at an auction and stuck in my room and left unused for a wile. It was a few months ago that I made up my mind that it would be the perfect spot for my projects. It is a bit too full with yarn to put everything in but that can just be motivation to work more.

This is my everything small tray that goes inside the cedar chest. It is a perfectly handy thing to have and I feel it fits everything nicely. You can see a pair of knitting needles but don't ask me about them I barely know anything about knitting. I will tell you they are size 4 if you are curious. The blue and orange things in the middle are stitch markers. More then likely the best investment I made for crochet. Down a little to the left is the tapestry needles I use. I must admit they waste a good bit of string but they are SO much easier to use then standard sewing needles. The teal thing is a sewing touch up kit for loose buttons and things. My mother gave it to me a very long time ago.

This also reminds me yesterday I talked about my hooks but I forgot to say something. My aunt was the one to give me my first for an H hook but my mom also gave me her F hook. She didn't do too well picking up crochet. I later learned she was using a hook 4 sizes too small for the yarn she was using. XP

I recently picked up another mini sewing kit just to get a few more things on the cheaper side.
And finally my piles and piles of buttons.
I love those little canisters. Kinda wish I had a place to hang them.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I'm very cheap when it comes to materials in most cases. A large amount of my yarn comes from my Aunts or places like Big Lots that sells small, special type yarns for a dollar. I also use acrylic, man made fibers, to keep the cost down. Brands like Red Heart use these types of fibers and cost around $2.33. I consider this a pretty good price for the amount of stuffed animals you can make with it. By far the most common type of yarn that I adore is Pound of Love from Lion Brand. As the name suggests it really is a pound. For $7.97 this yarn just keeps going and going to the point sometimes I want it to go away. Slowpoke, as well as these projects:
 have been made using this pound of love yarn. As you can see by the last picture I more then likely still have half the skein. You can also see a tan lump of Satin Bernat yarn. It is a very nice feeling yarn with a bit of a shine to it that the others just don't have. The fuzzy cat had the pound of love paired with Phentex Fashion Eight yarn. It took one skein of the Fashion Eight yarn and came from Big Lots. One last type of yarn I use regularly was a gift from my Aunt when she was cleaning out her stash. It is called Luster Sheen and is a very small type of yarn.
Here are my crochet hooks:
Starting with the purple they are K/101/2-6.50mm, a standard size H, a G/6-4.25mm, a F/5-3.75mm, a E/4-3.50mm, and finally a 5/1.90mm. K is used for doubling up on yarn or for special fuzzy yarn. Both kittens at the start of the page where made using this hook. The second is what I use for Red Heart yarn or others like it. G and F can both be used for baby thread but more often then not I will use F. E is what I use for Luster Sheen. 5 is good for thread. I do not use my 5 hook often but it is a handy little one to have around.

And finally my top 5 yarns I currently have in stock:
1) Move over baby animals, snuggly ducklings, or anything else cute and associated with snuggles this is by far the softest thing I've found in a very, very long time.
2) Still very soft with deeper colors I don't often see with this type of yarn.
3) I'll admit it is a really weird set of colors that should be a crime to use for carpet, I'm looking at you my elementary school, yet I am deeply attracted to it in this skein.
4) I just realized this one looks like my bed spread....not too sure how I feel about that.
5) So far these rolls have been found at Big Lots but this final one came from my Aunt N and is a Red Heart Holiday yarn. I don't know if it was a limited time offer or if I'm lucky I can find it now. I'll just have to keep a look out.

Keep an eye out tomorrow there is more to come.