Thursday, December 29, 2011

Attacks on Chickens

I'm watching my Uncles animals. He has 5 goats, bunches of chickens, more cats then I can name of the top of my head, and three dogs. That isn't too bad because they all have their own little areas and all but two of the dogs are outside.

Last time I watched his animals they had a pig which got out and ate a good bit of the food that was in a trash can. Did this time go any better? No. Did I expect it too? Not really.

I went to feed the cats after letting the dogs out of the house and found one of the food bowls missing. I looked around and found it in a bucket of oil. The cats had tipped the topper off. I took the bowl inside all the wile fighting to keep as much oil from dropping. I went back outside and finished feeding the cats, it wasn't a big deal. However, when I turned to the right I saw two chickens had gotten out....from the same place the pig did. Something had dug around the pitchfork that was blocking it. The words this isn't going to end well streaked through my head and sure enough Jake goes straight for the chicken. He completely ignored my calls and trying to catch running animals just never works. When the chicken stayed in one spot I came in and snatched it up. Jake sat on his butt and looked at me like I just found the best toy ever to play catch with. Stupid animal.

I took a few moments to come up with what the hell am I going to do thoughts. I could take the chicken with me up to the house to get the dogs inside but that didn't seem right to the poor chicken who was still squawking. On the other hand I couldn't put him back in the pin from where I was. She was clearly hurt and I didn't want to drop her from 4-5 feet up. It also wasn't a good idea to go to the smaller section of fence with the other chicken being there. What if the dogs got a hold of it? I took the chance. Jake wasn't leaving my side but I had his "toy" and he seemed to ignore the other chicken. It turned out well. Jake ignored the other chicken and walked back up to the house with me.

All that was left was to get the other chicken. Curly, that beautiful dog, was interested in the chicken but payed attention to ME and helped stop the chicken from running away.

The first chicken really did hurt her leg and I'm not sure what will happen to it. If it isn't using both legs by tomorrow it may have to be put down.

All of this made me really not want to make something for this post but a crappy day is no reason not too.
I probably took more time trying to get a good picture then actually making this little chicken. I used the yarn my mother gave me for Christmas.

Time: 1 hour
Size: 3"wide
2" tall

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