Saturday, December 17, 2011


Yesterday I mentioned I was influenced by Love and Sandwiches. Today I would like to post a few more that I adore. What can I say? I love looking up others who enjoy crafts.

I first looked at this gallery in full today. Devil Fennec twins by Santani are to say I want one and I don't say that too often for another artist. -cheap- These a much less like plushies and more sculptures. I can just picture one on my bookshelf.

These are the perfect size plushie with wonderful details and a cheaper price. Dog lovers especially should enjoy them. I wish I had a gallery rather then a shop to show you but oh well.

Twisty Creations
Nicoles Critters

These are gorgeous and not plushies. The patterns are wonderfully creative but not so complicated that you get over powered by them. The shop is very nicely stocked with a wide range of colors.

Trendy Knitting

My top two picks are:
Crocodile Mohair Shawl
Ivory Flower Shawl

This is a person is one I've watched for a little wile now.  adds so much character to everything she makes. I hadn't seen so much mixed media in art animals before.

Wile looking for those I had in mind for this post I ended up finding several more that fall into into similar ranges. It was really hard to keep it at 5 artists. I think I will have to do this again soon and I hope you all enjoy these artists work as much as I do.

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