Thursday, December 20, 2012

Back Again.

Hello there. I've been meaning to post these since right before Thanksgiving. They where for a project in British Lit revolving around Paradise Lost. The teacher liked it so much he wants to get it published. I don't see it happening but it is a nice thought.

That is the only good news I have. Well I do have half good news. I was really worried about my Anatomy and Math grade. For the first time I had to worry if I would pass or not. I did with C's. I did surprisingly well for the last two tests on Anatomy, they where my highest grades in that class, but still wasn't enough to push my grade up a level. I also went to the dentist and got a bunch of bad news. The tooth my filling fell out of is shot and the news doesn't stop there. I also have doctors and eyeglass appointments too.

Also much thanks to all my viewers. I've hit 2k in a year and I'm quite happy for the attention. This blog started out as self improvement but to have it recognized, I'm very grateful.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Reading Fest!

Friday I got the book case I've been waiting a year for! I'm excited. So much so I tried to clean my whole room. Did it happen? Nope but half of it is cleaned, vacuumed, and very little needs dusting. Thank goodness on that one stuffed animals are a pain to clean. I got this book shelf just in time. In November and December I often drop everything and read. I don't know why I get this urge but it happens pretty much every year. I was going to announce that I would stop attempting to post every day but now I'm just going to say, see ya in January.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Skull Filet

So this is what I had typed up on the 29th to be posted:

So yesterday when I started to go do my math at 6pm I had a freakish urge to go study History.

Good freaken thing too because I had a test today and I didn't look at the review sheets till just then.

7 front to back pages of memorization in that short of time fizzled out my nerves.

I also thought I lost my Brit lit book but turns out it was hiding...under my history book that I don't remember touching since I got it.


For the 30th: I found my text book and I worked on labs.

Today: Happy Halloween everyone.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Ghost Deer

My camera wasn't charged yesterday. Yack! Anyway this one I was all heck no to finishing. I wanted to use the wire my dad took the time to strip out of electrical cord but I hated attaching it. So no legs for you deer.

Beyond that I finally called my mom and found out she is doing a lot of planning to get me back living with her and it just made me say wha.....I don't know I do want to go back and I'm glad she wants to be so involved but I feel like I'm just shuffling.

I have been trying to save every bit I can but I think I'm going to have to break my 20's. I've been putting as much as I can off but I have holes in my socks, out of face wash, and I broke my headphones today. Apparently my pants are that tight that bending over is fatal. Good news is we had a spare pair at home. Another bit not to be happy about is the fact that my shoes that are about 2-3 months old already have holes worn into them. At least these won't need to be replaced, I do have other shoes, for now. I also need to get transparencies for school and something of good quality to draw on them with for school.

Oh well.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cable Crochet

I've actually been doing a lot over the last few days. This includes studying and for once doing my math well before it is due. I can't say I've finished anything though. I got well into a project but it is one I plan to show much latter on. I also have another that is almost done but the wire was annoying me. I also took some time to just doodle, which I don't do nearly often enough. I feel very refreshed.

In between all that I've been doing I made up my mind to start going through some of the tabs I've had open for weeks that I've been saving for some down time. One of these included cable crochet, something I've been meaning to teach myself. It wasn't easy but I did it.

As for Halloween related things I have ideas they just take a good bit of time. I'll need to remember to bring my sketch book with me and try and see if someone has decorations out in town. I have a few places in mind.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bat Filet

I know it has been a wile, and I was doing so well too, but I haven't had a chance to really finish much. I have projects going and they are coming along well despite the lack of updating. My school work is still in a rough patch but I feel like I can turn it around soon. Math is still giving me a fit and I couldn't turn around my Anatomy work for the practical. So many blanks on the paper and in my mind. I plan on watching a lot of A and P videos as well as math ones this weekend. I will also need to start an essay and prepare for a midterm for Wednesday. Not much is actually due though, which I'm thankful for.

I ran out of crochet thread half way through. I hope the point still looks right.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Red and White Lolly Pop

You know whats a good idea? Dusting. I should get on that. I can't say my horribly messing but I will say I'm close to it. I did get a large area of my floor cleared off by returning the Halloween costumes to my Aunt. I'm getting there.

I'm also getting there with school....maybe....kinda...At any rate my essay was turned in and almost up to standard.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cauldron Filet

I still feel stifled by the essay I have to do. I can write a whole page in reply to a line or two but ask me to combine a piece of literature and a painting and I go wha?

Other then that not much has been on my mind. Just doing the typical internet thing, looking up gifs, taking a trip to tumblr, and looking up some videos. Most of the videos have been about resin which I would love to get my hands on. When I started looking into it a landslide of ideas happened. As if my obsession with filet wasn't bad enough. Filet was also apart of those new ideas thanks to tumblr.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Owl Filet Crochet

Oh wow didn't realize it is 2am already. I probably wouldn't have even though of this if I didn't take a minute to think about anything I still needed to in everything.

This little guy was meant to be a bunny but I feel calling it an owl is more fitting. I used crochet thread for this one and it was worth the extra time. Maybe even the hand cramps. I don't think I would mind framing this one.

 There where a few problems with this one. For instance there where a few extra squares I was counting. I tried to compensate accordingly and I feel they are not too noticeable.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Alternate Colored CandyCorn

I skipped posting yesterday so I could have a nice long sleep and be ready to hop up today with work in mind. It a point. I didn't mind carrying my portfolio, that is as high as my thigh, for a half an hour to get to where I needed to draw. Problem after that was sitting under the sun started to get to me so when my ipod ran out of juice I packed it up. Then when I sat down to do my essay, with a whole first draft in mind, I ended up struggling to the point I didn't get past the intro. It is started and that is what matters most I think. Also lucky enough to finish my picture enough that I don't need to go back that way.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Witch Cat

So wile I was coming home today I saw a deer that had been hit by a car and thought it look liked crushed watermelon pieces. Ether that is the weirdness that all "artists" have or my thoughts are decomposing as fast as my grades.

Ether way after failing a test I said I'm going to give myself a breather. I'm going to watch Scishow and make things. As it stands right now my grades are suffering in the short term but over all are still relatively high and I have three projects almost half way done. Sadly I didn't get any crochet pieces finished but I did take 10 minutes to draw a witch cat I have in my closet. Why is the poor thing in my closet you ask? Its head is sloshing off and needs to be stitched back on.

I'm wondering when I became the type of person who debates how a bartering system can help the economy and how the government comes into play. I'll spare you the conversation even if I find it interesting. It did get me thinking about if I could get people to give me books for doodles. It would make my day. Never mind the fact I have probably close to 70 to read already. Can't you see my complaints I'm busy! -jabs the scolding thoughts away-

Monday, October 8, 2012

Boo Filet

So I did end up getting graph paper in between my first two classes, even cut it short for getting there on time, and I didn't think putting little x's in blocks to make pictures would be so wonderful. Not even kidding. I can see myself going crazy doing this. I had 4 done by the time I got out of Lit class. Also figures that teacher, the one that wasn't killing me, would announce, on a very important weekend, that an essay would be due this Sunday. My head....I can't even.

Even though I feel stressed, and know I'm pretty much going to fail my test tomorrow, even though I got a C on my last history test, I have this to cheer me up: I found Racso and the Rats of NIMH for 50 cents. SCORE.

.....Well that joy lasted for all of 30 seconds. -back to stress and studies-

Wait didn't I say I wasn't going to whine?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Witch Hat

Today was filled with struggles of trying to sit down, shut up, and study. I can't concentrate for very long on subjects and absorb them. With back to back tests I've been put into a position where I expect to fail this Anatomy test. I had spent three hours on the homework and still failed it. I'm just having so much trouble taking it all in. Worse yet I can't seem to open the slide shows I should be studying from. Damn.

On another note I know I'm trying to save up money to attempt to join that gallery but I'm still tempted to get a pack of graphing paper to do Filet crochet easily. I just feel if I do I may also pick up some black yarn to use with it and that would just be a mess.

As to blog posts I have about one more day of projects I can post before I'm going to be hurting for them. With studying I just can't do it. I've been lucky so far with having had projects done well in advance. Maybe I can draw a store front or two if I can find them with Halloween decorations up. That shouldn't take too long.

It was too late when I realized trying to add the typical stripe at the brim wouldn't go to well in order to fix it. I also put a bit too many blocks at the bottom in my first row. Oh well I hope you can still see what I was going for.

Boo! Ghost Filet

Today I went to my school even though there was no class. I wanted to get at least a brownie or a cookie from their fund raiser for a person who needs a double lung transplant. I didn't spend much time there because I had an anterior motive to going. I wanted to stop by a local art and craft gallery and ask a few questions. I'm nutritiously bad about not approaching people but I didn't let myself get out of it. The place, as well as the women I talked too, had such a friendly atmosphere. I also got a bit lucky that a few seconds after I started talking to her another person came in to ask the same questions. Any nerves I still had shot out the window.

I got a lot of information, everything from how many artists there where, what the join cost was, monthly rates, how displays worked, and how commissions as well as classes worked.

Over all I really like how they have it set up. They do not charge you a percent for sales or taking commissions through the gallery. You pay for the space and that is it. You can choose between a half space or a full space. The art you offer has to be judged and can not be close to what is already there.

I'm actually kinda hoping I can go for it. Only problem is there is a joining cost of $100, a one time fee, and the fact it is a 6 month commitment so start up funds to pay for the space each month. You know just in case you have that awful experience of not selling enough. I don't feel like I will fail so hard that I lose a lot but I also don't like the idea of putting everything I have into one thing.

I don't know, I'm going to have to think about it. I'll start thinking about applying though. It won't hurt to get a portfolio together. That is probably the one thing that really won't be a problem, I have a back stock of everything on this blog to offer as merchandise.

Even more then I would love to make money off of what I have done, not to mention clear out the 4 bags under my second desk, I would love to teach. I think I could do fairly well with it. On Zantarni I've been collecting links to tutorials and types of crochet so others could learn. Basically I have the information at my fingertips. I've learned a lot from doing this. Beyond the basics I was also thinking of perhaps teaching classes on individual stitches like clusters or lattice work.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Filet Pumpkin

Today was my Aunts Halloween sleep over. I had to go around the "forest" and try and scare the kids. Last year went amazing.....this year not so much. Now that they knew who I was I couldn't just chase them. When I first got there, shortly before it got really dark, the kids where not in the woods. Two adults where walking around, the guy was pointing out where the decorations where to a girl, and I managed to jump out and scare the girl and kinda the guy. Safe to say that was my only real success that night. The kids kept surrounding me wanting to be my minions,ect. At some point most of them where doing that, I'm there anyone even left to scare? Well I tried a few things. Have one of them come with me and tell them at some point to start screaming or have them in a circle and chanting. It worked....for all of 30 seconds. It was a big mess of them wanting me to direct them and me having no idea what to do. At the back of my mind I couldn't help but babble why me.

Worse part yet is one of my stunts made Baily cry. Her brother was one of the first people who came to "my side" and I had him faint by the coffin. Then I had the girl who started the whole "I'll be your slave" thing chant over him and had the rest of the kids come and try and get him back. I set it up so that the girl chanting would scream and run away when they did come and get him. Well an adult come soon after to show Baily, and probably another little kid or two, that he was alright.

Oh.....Did I mention they had strobe lights? Good thing I'm not epileptic or I would have died from all the flashes being put in my eyes. I was seeing spots.

At some point I told them to go find something my Aunt hid in the woods last year. Turns out she didn't hide them this year but it got them off my back for half an hour. Then I got my marshmallows which I was adamant about getting. Last year I had kids sitting on my lap so I only really got one. I also ate far to many grapes. Marshmallows and grapes this is what I choose to eat together. Geez.

Just this morning I was answering a question of what makes me nostalgic and what came to mind is those blue drinks with plastic twist off tops. You know Kool-Aid Bursts or Mondo that are normally found in the dollar stores? Ya those. They had them there and I thought it was awesome.

Then there where glowsticks. Hecks ya.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Candy Corn

I had a surprisingly good day. It was kinda weird to feel so refreshed with a raging headache. I will say though that the amount of headaches I have is starting to get alarming. They are not bad at all, more mildly annoying, but every now and again they become a problem. An hour asleep takes care of it but I can't just go to sleep at any given time as much as I may want to.

Despite all this I left for school even though I didn't have class. I wanted to drop off a few clothing items for a fund raiser the school was holding, it was the last day, and I figured I could get gas for the car and work on the ink drawings needed for my Literature class.

I grabbed my portfolio, which is huge, walked out to a bridge and drew. A few people stopped to see what I was doing, one guy wanted to know if I was alright. Why do people keep doing that? DX<

Best part of it was a man wants me to help him with presenting an idea for an addition to his shop. Getting offered a job, even a one off or a small one, is a huge uplift in confidence and hope. I will say I'm really wary about this. I've had a lot of people say they would like me to do something to have it fall through or not get contacted. Just talking about it makes me feel like the universe is going to rip it away.

The Universe is out to get you, no joke. -paranoid-

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Orange Lolly Pop

The background may come as a surprise but I've been thinking that if I'm going to take the time to do so many Halloween projects that I could do with a change in background to reflect that. I picked candy because of my massive sweet tooth but also because I'm starting out the month by doing candy. I may change to fall leaves further into the month.

Along with the change in background I have been thinking I should try and talk more on this blog. That is the whole point of a blog right? To say something? I'm not the most talkative person in person. The only time I really get going is with my dad and that involves a lot of nothing. I don't think it is too appropriate or interesting to ramble on about what is going on with Doctor Who or if there is a Pokemon event happening. It gets old, but so does my not saying anything.

I also don't want to whine about my "nothing" changes in life. I tend to fall into that trap and it is getting worse as I indulge my short comings. I guess it is better then nothing in a way. Good or bad I can admit to getting a D on my math midterm and freaking out about it. Or how I feel Anatomy is such a hill that I can't seem to get started crossing it.

One thing I feel I do best with is replying. So if there is anything you out there would like to know more about or get my opinion on I would love to hear it. I have a few more maybe thoughts that I may try to do. Like post more of the things I find interesting or helpful videos. I also bought a new quotations book today that I'm dieing to find a use for. Maybe I could share a few or give thoughts on the things I hear.

Also I think this is the best way in the world to use those poker sticks that come in polyester fiberfill. You know those annoying things they add in to help you put the stuffing in but are kinda useless because they are stuck so far in the middle you can't find them till the bag is half way used up? Ya those things.

Lolly Pop

4 pages to memorize in a day. I hope I'm ready. XP

Monday, October 1, 2012


This thing looks like a teletubby. Bleck.
My Halloween theme will involve noh masks on the stuffed animals. Though I am into fileting so much I may do more projects involving that then making stuffed animals.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spiral and Filet Crochet

I love the idea of a spiral blanket. Sadly this is all I have for the blue so this will be as big as this spiral gets. I also ran out of yarn with my practice filet. Oh well I was just trying to get the concepts down.

Blob Bunny 40

This will be the last one till Halloween. I'm sure some are ready to see a big gap in these, I know I am. I want my chest space back so bad. I've been working on Halloween related projects so you have those to look forward too. I've already completed a bit of candy. Sadly I don't have any lime green and I'm almost out of orange and black. This will be interesting. Also interesting is the fact that I have back to back tests for a month. Wish me luck I'll need it.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blob Bunny 39

Opps I forgot to upload this. I was distracted staying up all night learning new stitches.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blob Bunny 35

Hey look a baby!

Blob Bunny 34

You know you are in bad shape if your family starts asking if you are happy or angry at them. Or, you know, saying they understand why my mom kicked me out.

Lovely subjects but I'm actually feeling pretty good. First round of tests are over with, I feel like I may be improving in math just a bit, and I'm mostly free this weekend.

Most of my problems remain but I'll take what I can get.

But ya 5 days of not posting is pretty bad. I won't say it will get better though. Too much to do and not enough confidence, will, and energy to do it.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mouse Pope

This is based on a conversation I had in British Lit....I'm just as confused as you are I think.

Blob Bunny 32

Opps, another late post. I have been working on projects other then blobs in the hope of adding a bit more to the site but it is taking a fair amount of time.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blob Bunny 31

Opps didn't mean to keep you all waiting. Monday, when I should have been studying, I got totally sick and went straight to bed. Yesterday.....well I have no good reason. Just after all my tests I needed a cool off period and drowned myself in Naruto mania.

A bit of a school update, I'm doing horrible in math, just horrible. My Anatomy could have been better but I was just shy of a B so I did a lot better then most. Some girls in Anatomy 2 said they bombed the first test in Anatomy. This gives me some hope seeing as they also said it gets better. I hope so, I need it.

I'm going to have a group project for British lit. Not too happy about needing a group but I do like those I was paired with.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blob Bunny 29

This was a bit of a hell to do and it looks so sloppy around the ears. I am left feeling it isn't worth the time. I was hoping to do a second to attempt to do it better but I won't. Oh well.

I ended up getting sun burned, again. Someone please lecture me about safety or give me a scare of looking old. Also a cowboy hat.....because I want one.

Any who I have two tests, two pieces of math homework and a quiz, as well as an essay due by Tuesday so wish me luck. I don't know if I will neglect to post or not but see it as a possibility.

Ps. I didn't know how to put the eyes on....

Pps: Here is the tutorial for how to do this loopy stitch. For those of you who don't know of PlanetJune go and have a look. This is probably in the top 10 all time best crochet websites for amigurumi.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blob Bunny 28

I spent much of yesterday trying to apply for the job. It didn't go well. At one point I ended up sitting in an ant hill.....don't ask. I now know what test anxiety must feel like.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Blob Bunny 27

Lots of homework lately. Over the last two days I've skipped finishing these in order to work on technical skills in between assignments. Mostly small things to improve my stitches, or stitch types, as well as working on my knitting which I try and do now and again.

I've also been working on a few other projects that are so far from being completed I can't say much about them. Well poop.

Bare with me please.

Also I had to help out at some of our rental homes. Those are still a mess do to people not knowing how to pay their bills and people at the town hall not doing their jobs well. On the way back from dealing with that the tire on my dads tuck blew.

Safe to say things are not going too well.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blob Bunny 18

Anatomy and Physiology feels like it will kick my but or finalize my ability to believe in my ability to learn. Not sure which or if that will even happen. I'm going for it anyway. They are piling on the work already. I have to do a section of reading then make up questions about that section. I have math to think of as well. I'm getting there though. I pushed through my feelings of wanting to take a nap, ran my errands, and finished up two little blobs. It is looking good for the short term.

Also found out a girl from my lit class is also in my new lit class. She was one that got a little person. Turns out her cat loves it and treats it like a child.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Blob Bunny 16

I had to take down my bunnies but it did give me a chance to rearrange what I was doing in order to show more of them. The newest is to the right on the very top row.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


This is a doll my grandmother made, it is sitting on a rocking chair that another family member made. Sorry I can't tell you who at this time. There was just so many names I was told of who owned what or made this or that.
Ps. My ipod is working.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Back again!

Well that was an eventful trip to grandmothers. We left in the middle of the night and I spend the next three days painting. The first day I had to have been on an adrenalin rush. Not only did I spent the whole day painting I also took two, 3 mile walks. One of them barefooted. They looked at me like I was crazy but it worked out the cramps in my feet from using my stepmothers shoes to paint in. By the end of the third day the sheds at my grandmothers was painted. We went to visit her at one point during those first few days, she wasn't doing to good though. She was tired and a bit drugged from an operation. Next time we visited she was hopping around all over the place showering everyone with hugs and kisses.

We had bad news with it though, my cousin may be going to jail. He was behind a van and the car in front of the van stopped short. The person in the van got out and he hit and killed her. I don't know any more details then that.

The reunion went well. I didn't talk to many people I didn't know most of them. There was probably somewhere between 50-70 people, a good bit probably not in the family. I know in the past my grandmothers priest comes, friends of the family, neighbors, and I think even friends of family members who no longer come because of a divorce. Kinda wild.

I actually payed attention to the capture the flag game this year, only because I was asked to spy for Robert who is the only adult that plays normally. Randy wanted everyone to team up against him, they probably should have. He did something slightly illegal in the game, he tied the flag to an electric pole.

I met the man my aunt is interested in, I really like him and I think he is good for her. I also volunteered to work on grandmothers house this summer if it is not sold and they want me.

We picked up some stuff that was in grandma's living will. Anything that was gifted is to be returned and she had a few other wishes. My dad gets a few old bibles, a small rocking chair for children, a doll bed made by an older relative (this is to be offered to one of my aunts), as well as a few other objects and a portrait drawn of his grandparents I believe. He also asked for all pictures done by this one artists. It was pretty tough figuring out who the artist was. I had the feeling it was a guy  but my dad thought it was a female friend of his grandmothers. All we had was the last name to look at. First we tracked down who dad thought it was, she had the right last name. Turns out she was his grandmothers sister. We found it on the old family tree dad put together. Then we wondered if it was her or one of her children. Finally my cousin Rachel, who has done expensive work on the family tree, confirmed it was not Helen but her first husband.

Grandchildren are not apart of the will unless their parents pick up something for them but I did get pictures. They where ones of my mom or of me seeing as I was the only one who could claim them. I believe they also agreed that any stuffed animals that my grandmother made would go to the great grandchildren. The grandchildren already got stuffed animals from her.

I also got a lot of yarn from my Aunt Joy. She always has a ton in boxes all over the house and she lets me pick some up. My chest is now filled again. I had to take down all the blob bunnies so I could use my floor again. She also gave me starwars ties. Kick ass.

That is all I really wanted to say about my trip. Today sucked but I had to write this out. What made today suck was a lot of things, almost a thousand dollar text book bill and my ipod being washed. Not to mention my stepmother being nasty about the incident because I pissed her off.

I'm just left being tired.

No pictures with this one. I have one but I'm not waiting for my camera to charge in order to add it.