Friday, October 26, 2012

Ghost Deer

My camera wasn't charged yesterday. Yack! Anyway this one I was all heck no to finishing. I wanted to use the wire my dad took the time to strip out of electrical cord but I hated attaching it. So no legs for you deer.

Beyond that I finally called my mom and found out she is doing a lot of planning to get me back living with her and it just made me say wha.....I don't know I do want to go back and I'm glad she wants to be so involved but I feel like I'm just shuffling.

I have been trying to save every bit I can but I think I'm going to have to break my 20's. I've been putting as much as I can off but I have holes in my socks, out of face wash, and I broke my headphones today. Apparently my pants are that tight that bending over is fatal. Good news is we had a spare pair at home. Another bit not to be happy about is the fact that my shoes that are about 2-3 months old already have holes worn into them. At least these won't need to be replaced, I do have other shoes, for now. I also need to get transparencies for school and something of good quality to draw on them with for school.

Oh well.

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