Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Witch Cat

So wile I was coming home today I saw a deer that had been hit by a car and thought it look liked crushed watermelon pieces. Ether that is the weirdness that all "artists" have or my thoughts are decomposing as fast as my grades.

Ether way after failing a test I said I'm going to give myself a breather. I'm going to watch Scishow and make things. As it stands right now my grades are suffering in the short term but over all are still relatively high and I have three projects almost half way done. Sadly I didn't get any crochet pieces finished but I did take 10 minutes to draw a witch cat I have in my closet. Why is the poor thing in my closet you ask? Its head is sloshing off and needs to be stitched back on.

I'm wondering when I became the type of person who debates how a bartering system can help the economy and how the government comes into play. I'll spare you the conversation even if I find it interesting. It did get me thinking about if I could get people to give me books for doodles. It would make my day. Never mind the fact I have probably close to 70 to read already. Can't you see my complaints I'm busy! -jabs the scolding thoughts away-

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