Monday, January 30, 2012

Left Handedness

I wrote two full pages left handed today for no reason other then to do it.

One of those things...

I love these types of stories and when I say these I mean stories that are insignificant but stick with you. I've had a lot of stuffed animals in my life, I still own a good number of them, and I can tell you who got them for me or how. There is one that stands out to have a bit more meaning, it is a ty beanie baby with the tag ripped off. It was given to me by a little girl, when I was a little myself, that I only knew one day as far as I can remember. She was shockingly generous. This cat always made me want to pick it up when I looked at it, pet it in some way, even now, at least 10 years later, the affect still stays.

When I was in the 6th grade my daycare had a little project. We would send a stuffed animal around the US in the mail, have pictures taken and have stories written about the day they spend with it. I kept the book but it got left behind in my move.

This is just what stuck with me, a weird sentiment about something not important. I can't remember the little girl at all but I know she is apart of my life anyway.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I've been trying to study for my Human Growth and Development test on Monday. I'm having quite a bit of trouble with the names, something I've always had trouble with, and it is taking me away from making things. It is necessary but I don't have a lot for this post.

Friday, January 27, 2012


New Scarf

This scarf is less time consuming but more problematic then the last. I seem to always end up with an inconsistent number of stitches. I do enjoy what I have so far, none the less, it is just so soft. This photo is way brighter then the actual scarf, not that it is dull.
The plushie I had started but run out of stuffing for has been resumed, I did not get far however.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clustered Shell Scarf

Yesterday, for whatever reason, the internet was down and the phone went a bit nuts. In order to make up for it, or at least pretend too, I have a big project showing for this post. This scarf was started right before finals last semester. I've gotten a ton of complements for it, which I can't be more thankful for, it make all the effort seem even more worth wile. It was a simple pattern to do but the yarn was very small making it a big undertaking.

Hook: E/4-3.50 mm
Yarn: 7 1/2 rolls of Luster Sheen
Time: Around 40 hours

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bad (ish?) Day

It was another day where I didn't come home for 12 hours. Probably going to happen a lot more often with having 3 classes in one day. Where I got some more crochet thread, in dark red, pink, and white, as well as stuffing I still screwed up a bit. I had a quiz in math and forgot my calculator. Worse yet is I had a 2-4 hour wait and forgot my drawing pens. I didn't bring a crochet hook ether. Biology was yet again, a pain in my ass. A little over 2 hours of the same things I heard last biology class. I should have just started reading for another class, I was in the back I probably gotten away with it.

The only thing that really saved me was the library giving away old books. I got a nice stack of them. The books have a lot of pictures in them and make for pretty good reference books for artists.
I would have felt bad if I didn't include some type of drawing. Even though I have an English assignment to still do I took an hour out to draw my little bat again.

With enough tinkering he almost looks like digital work.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I spent most of the day in mild confusion over what I will do for English. I'm hoping I can finish up tomorrow but I'm going to be out for a good 12 hours. This will be interesting.
This bat was given to me by my mom in '10 around Halloween. It is a TY beanie named Scarem.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Laundry and Valentines Day

So my step mother accused me of with holding laundry. Why in the world would I only put some of my clothes in the wash and not all? Better yet why would you keep track? I must admit I have a bit of a bad habit that if it is the weekend and I'm working on a project I may not shower and change one day or I will wear a much loved pair of pants two days in a row if the conditions are right but really?

Also there was a truck crashed on our little dirt road today. This is shaping up to be an interesting weekend.

As to Valentines Day I'm working on a few projects with the holiday in mind. I lost track of time doing so which means I don't have a drawing to post today. I'll show something I was going to reveal in February. It isn't too Valentines so I don't mind my little screw up.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paint Box and Prison Riot

I got virtually no sleep because I stayed up to write analyzing papers for english today. There was a riot so my dad got called in to the prison at 8 last night. He stayed till around 2pm the next day and had to dry out everything he had on him because he was under the sprinklers/hoses what every they where using. I don't know much more then that other then there may have been around 200 criminals involved. I had to get a ride with my step mother so I had to listen to her talking for a good 2-3 hours today.

This is my water color paint box. It gets ignored often.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Door

And it isn't even finished. I'll try and come back to it on Monday. Door: Biology Building Office. Now I have two papers to write for tomorrow. Thank goodness they only need to address a few things.


I'm finding it hard to balance my time. This is nothing new but I feel I'm doing a worse job then normal. I've been doing a bit on two very big projects and it is taking most of my creating time. On top of that 80 pages to read for school, a paper, and more music to be put on the computer for my dad I find myself switching faster then I can think.

 I also realize I keep forgetting to add the date before I snap the photo.

Monday, January 16, 2012


So I didn't know it was a Holiday today till after I drove to the school. I ended up driving an extra hour and a half for nothing. Good thing I like driving.

I then proceeded to do nothing. Not the 80 pages of reading for Human Growth and Development, not anything for English, nothing but watch Sherlock homes and made a disgraceful bunny to pretend I know how to keep a promise to myself.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Harry Potter Owl

"Wingardium Leviosa!"

Music and Unicorn

My dad got an mp3 player from my stepbrother. He had been wanting something to play music with for a wile and I'm glad he got it. Now it just means I have to upload all his CD's. That is what I have been doing all day. It is worth it too, I get to add to my own music collection. I didn't get much drawing/crafting done though but look!

Friday, January 13, 2012

2 Legs Better then 4?

Last night I was so tired I messed up the pattern I was working on. I now have a two legged horse thing. Worse yet he does not stand. If he did stand I could say it works because he looks cool from the side but no that didn't work.
I think I will attempted this one again but not today. I have a few bigger projects to work on.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


12 Hour Day

I had a long day. 12 hours flitting back and forth with only 30 minutes at home for lunch. I ended up with a lot of extra time on my hands any way. Human Growth and Development got out early so wile waiting for math I sat out in the hall to draw. As soon as I sat down a teacher walked out, spotted me, and asked if I was protesting with a sit in. After which someone nearly tripped over me, I made some comment about how that would make my day, I mean really I was in the middle of the hall it would have been funny. The person said that could be arranged.

The happy moment didn't last long. Within 5 minutes a guard told me I couldn't sit on the floor. The guy who can't watch where he is going probably tattled.

The next thing I have to say is I saw what could have been at least 100,000 birds flying close together. It was just one of those things you look and stare in wonder....course that was snapped as soon as I looked back down and saw a dog walking in front of my car. No, I didn't hit him.

I picked up some red felt and crochet thread wile I was in between classes. Wile I was there I saw a 5.5 by 8.5 sketch book and was filled with instant want. That size would be perfect for one drawing a page but for $8-9 it wasn't worth it. I dragged myself away only to be smacked with a buy one get one free sign. That paired with Wednesday military id discount I couldn't resist. Now I get to scold myself for not finishing my big sketch book first. Heck I can't even say I am 1/8 of the way done. It is a big sketchbook.

I went scouting the area around the Science building. There where many buildings that would be nice to draw but today it was raining. I ended up staying in the building for a good hour. I also watched those that work there run around trying to figure out what is going on with the rooms. They still have little clue of what is going on where. I did make it to class today only to find my join for biology stabbed. I felt like I was back in highschool, the teacher had all the grace of a student is speech class and like speech class I found myself hearing every few words as I fought to stay awake.

She even said om after every sentence.

I can get through this. Me, My MD hot fudge sundae, and the fact that the check a check out lady said I had it going on.

Late post is late. It took me a good 2 hours to realize I had started typing but failed to finish.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Everything is Art Problem

I saw a person today, like every other day, try say Everything is Art. I hate this statement.

The world isn't so nice and you can't make everything special by saying someone put something into making what they made. You know who does make everything special? Paranoid people.

Those people often use DaDa as an example. Dadism took place post World War 1 as a protest against barbarianism by using extreme irritation and rejection of standards. I think a World War is a pretty good reason to go extreme....and a bit crazy with what you do. I don't see teenagers, because those are the biggest culprits, as having quite as good of a reason.

They say art is about expression. I say art should stay defined as skill. If you don't know the way to express how can you put it into art? Unskilled artists don't know how small details, such as the way a person holds their hand, can drastically change the feel of a piece of art. Nor can they enact it in a painting. Through gaining skill you expand the mind to understand expression, to gain those ideas that reach others.

The person said just because you don't understand it doesn't mean others won't. This was after mentioned of urinals, vomit, and shit, basically things I don't want to understand. I hope others wouldn't want to understand ether. I may not understand that "Art" but I've been drawing all my life and can understand a bit about the artist. We use the ideas we have at the time and based on my experience, never, have as much meaning as the viewer will try and drudge up. Our art is not our children, it is not special to us. (Though I must say I'm softer at heart then my peers at times.)

If we can make money off of what we make, we will do so. I'll let you in on a secret too. Artist are cons. If we can sell you on some bull shit, we will do it. There is a reason Modern art does well. The faster it can be made the faster it can sell.

The Everything is Art mentality is destructive. Why achieve anything if everything you do can make the cut? It really is a childish thing not to have standards.

I can't say much about art after the 1800's. Often I don't like it. This is a period of great change in art where the break from perfect realism really gets going. If you look at the artists lives, Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, why they are still called artists, and why others are not.

I did not mean for the post to go in this direction but I thought it would be a nice look into my own thoughts on a topic that affects anyone who looks at art or speaks on it. After it all I have to wonder if I should speak it at all. I don't know my history, I'm not much on technical, and I don't have any way of telling you what art is. All I can tell you is what it is not. It is not undeliberate, it is not done on line paper, it is not careless.

I met my English teacher today. I like her but I have a nagging feeling of something that I'm not too sure of. I can't say much on my class we went over the semester and what our major was.

I told her I was an art major and she says she doesn't get many art majors. She told me as well, "Get out (of this state), as soon as you can."
I used up my extra time to post the above so I'm a bit behind my goal for today. I do have more bracelets to show though.

The darker blue I ran out of and the lighter blue really looks bad. I should starch it so it lays flat but that won't happen.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Not This Again!

The trend of me missing my first day of class needs to stop.

The section of the school that I needed to get too was across a 4 lane street. Not only that but the cross walk was literally right before a merging section so if there was a break in traffic a car took it. I was lucky that this didn't make me late but I found out they changed the room numbers last minute. I had no idea where I was suppose to be and the numbers on the door had two listed. I was not going to wonder around after two other classes and massive amounts of walking to try and find this out. I made up my mind to go home and check the website.

Back through the cross walk I go. It took me about 20 minutes to make it back to the car. Once I do make it back I have the lovely realization that I don't have my coat. Better yet, my car keys where in the pocket. My trying to leave the class silently as possible made me careless. To the class room again.

This is where my cowardly ways are reveled. I could not bring myself to come back half an hour later and walk in on the teacher wile he lectured in front of the class. I retreated to the tactic of waiting it out. Right when I go to sit down I was asked if I was lost.

Now I am going to break from the story to say this was not the first time today I was asked that. I'm hoping that it is the fact I look pretty young to most people and not that I have a dazed stupid look on my face.

I explain and he asks me questions, "What room?, What was it?," and finally after my ramblings he goes to get it. When I say ramblings, I mean ramblings, I even called after him with "I love you, you know that right?" Yes I am one of those awful people that uses love in completely poor contest. I thank him and he says something along the lines of "It's alright, I'm the boss and I can do that."

My jacket was returned to me and I set off giggling into the night. I really am a pussy.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crochet Bracelets

I was hit with massive amounts of inspiration unexpectedly today in the form of a blog called Chasing the Frill. Love the name and the crafts featured are simple and cute. One post featured a photo frame and I instantly wanted to work on my own round object. After a bit of debating I used a few of my bangles for these bracelets. I didn't want to use any of my nice colored ones, even though they where cheaper, and settled on one of my bigger, little more costly, set. The metal was starting to tarnish. The yellow one is a bit big for a bracelet but who is to say it won't make a good something else?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Color Theory Practice

I kinda failed with this one. I didn't have the black or white paint needed for the project in the book. Fabric was needed too. I skipped that as well.

Area 1: Fabric piece
Area 2: Match Hue
Area 3: Complements
Area 4: Opposite Values
Area 5: Opposite Intennsities
Area 6: Original Hues

Mine are: Hues, Complement, Opposite Intensities....kinda.

As an added Bonus:
My "I have extra paint lets play" painting. My dad says he likes it, which I find really funny, he doesn't like modern type art. I told him so and said it was just because I am his kid. He said that was a part of it.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Albino Bunny

Albino Bunny, I think I liked you better as a head on my bookshelf.

As to everything will get done eventually.

My armpits hurt.....and I think I've smashed my chin on I'm not sure.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reading Day

Reading is bad for productivity. I did manage to work on more projects then normal but I didn't manage to finish any of them. An entertaining story got in the way. I planned to show another color theory painting but I had trouble with it. Not only did I not find the supplies I needed the brush I did find contaminated my paint a tiny bit. I'll continue to work on it tonight.

This little guy has been sitting around for a wile. He isn't finished and never will be. I just slapped some eyes on him and called it good. He is about 5" tall.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dragon Redesign

This will be my last felt doll for a bit, I hope. I really need to get back to commissions. My detour was fun wile it lasted.

Materials: Felt, Crochet thread
Time: 4 hours
Size: 9 1/2" long

Note to self: Remember to stitch on mouths before it is too late.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blue Dragon

I don't like the way this one turned out even though his face is pretty cute. I already have a redesign in mind but for now I'm to tired to work on anything else. It was a long day but my classes are payed for and so are my books.

Materials: Felt, Crochet Thread
Time: 6-7 Hours
Size: Hight: 3"
Length: 6 1/2"
Wingspan: 9"

Monday, January 2, 2012

Confound You Felt!

I think I've found a new love. I'm still not all the way happy with the way it looks but the blanket stitch was so much fun to do and felt is a very easy material to work with. Two sheets goes a long way, more so then I thought it would. I didn't have any hard fast ideas to do and let the project work itself out. A Kangaroo was the result. He stands at 6 and a half inches and is 4 and a half inches long, taking 5-6 hours total.

I love that he perfectly balances on the tippy top of its toes and tail. I really wasn't sure he was going to stand at all.

Tomorrow I have to go to the school to pick up my books and pay for classes. Wish me luck, last time was not fun. At least I have a nearly completed project to come home too.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Felt, I dislike you.

I have a love hate relationship with felt. I'm beginning to think I am just prejudiced against it. I don't like felt plushies most of the time. They look cheap to me, to rough looking to want to keep them in my hand and feel their texture.

On the other side of things I know felt has a great value. Perhaps even more value then anything else for those that are beginning. The price is perfect for those of a younger age, most sheets come prices around a quarter or two. The material maintains its shape, no wrinkles and less possibility to miscut something. Colors come in a very nice range.

I recently, within a day or two, learned the blanket stitch. I wanted a cheap way to practice and felt wouldn't leave my mind. Flight of the Yoricks, which Zantarni users would know about, completed its quest today giving me a poor excuse to celebrate with felt. What a great treat, something I don't like, spending more money, and adding more projects to my already flooded mind.

With $7 I was able to get 12 sheets and the crochet thread I would be using to sew.

 Is it just me or are my pictures getting worse? -pouts- I try.