Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Everything is Art Problem

I saw a person today, like every other day, try say Everything is Art. I hate this statement.

The world isn't so nice and you can't make everything special by saying someone put something into making what they made. You know who does make everything special? Paranoid people.

Those people often use DaDa as an example. Dadism took place post World War 1 as a protest against barbarianism by using extreme irritation and rejection of standards. I think a World War is a pretty good reason to go extreme....and a bit crazy with what you do. I don't see teenagers, because those are the biggest culprits, as having quite as good of a reason.

They say art is about expression. I say art should stay defined as skill. If you don't know the way to express how can you put it into art? Unskilled artists don't know how small details, such as the way a person holds their hand, can drastically change the feel of a piece of art. Nor can they enact it in a painting. Through gaining skill you expand the mind to understand expression, to gain those ideas that reach others.

The person said just because you don't understand it doesn't mean others won't. This was after mentioned of urinals, vomit, and shit, basically things I don't want to understand. I hope others wouldn't want to understand ether. I may not understand that "Art" but I've been drawing all my life and can understand a bit about the artist. We use the ideas we have at the time and based on my experience, never, have as much meaning as the viewer will try and drudge up. Our art is not our children, it is not special to us. (Though I must say I'm softer at heart then my peers at times.)

If we can make money off of what we make, we will do so. I'll let you in on a secret too. Artist are cons. If we can sell you on some bull shit, we will do it. There is a reason Modern art does well. The faster it can be made the faster it can sell.

The Everything is Art mentality is destructive. Why achieve anything if everything you do can make the cut? It really is a childish thing not to have standards.

I can't say much about art after the 1800's. Often I don't like it. This is a period of great change in art where the break from perfect realism really gets going. If you look at the artists lives, Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, why they are still called artists, and why others are not.

I did not mean for the post to go in this direction but I thought it would be a nice look into my own thoughts on a topic that affects anyone who looks at art or speaks on it. After it all I have to wonder if I should speak it at all. I don't know my history, I'm not much on technical, and I don't have any way of telling you what art is. All I can tell you is what it is not. It is not undeliberate, it is not done on line paper, it is not careless.

I met my English teacher today. I like her but I have a nagging feeling of something that I'm not too sure of. I can't say much on my class we went over the semester and what our major was.

I told her I was an art major and she says she doesn't get many art majors. She told me as well, "Get out (of this state), as soon as you can."
I used up my extra time to post the above so I'm a bit behind my goal for today. I do have more bracelets to show though.

The darker blue I ran out of and the lighter blue really looks bad. I should starch it so it lays flat but that won't happen.

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