Monday, January 30, 2012

One of those things...

I love these types of stories and when I say these I mean stories that are insignificant but stick with you. I've had a lot of stuffed animals in my life, I still own a good number of them, and I can tell you who got them for me or how. There is one that stands out to have a bit more meaning, it is a ty beanie baby with the tag ripped off. It was given to me by a little girl, when I was a little myself, that I only knew one day as far as I can remember. She was shockingly generous. This cat always made me want to pick it up when I looked at it, pet it in some way, even now, at least 10 years later, the affect still stays.

When I was in the 6th grade my daycare had a little project. We would send a stuffed animal around the US in the mail, have pictures taken and have stories written about the day they spend with it. I kept the book but it got left behind in my move.

This is just what stuck with me, a weird sentiment about something not important. I can't remember the little girl at all but I know she is apart of my life anyway.

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