Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bad (ish?) Day

It was another day where I didn't come home for 12 hours. Probably going to happen a lot more often with having 3 classes in one day. Where I got some more crochet thread, in dark red, pink, and white, as well as stuffing I still screwed up a bit. I had a quiz in math and forgot my calculator. Worse yet is I had a 2-4 hour wait and forgot my drawing pens. I didn't bring a crochet hook ether. Biology was yet again, a pain in my ass. A little over 2 hours of the same things I heard last biology class. I should have just started reading for another class, I was in the back I probably gotten away with it.

The only thing that really saved me was the library giving away old books. I got a nice stack of them. The books have a lot of pictures in them and make for pretty good reference books for artists.
I would have felt bad if I didn't include some type of drawing. Even though I have an English assignment to still do I took an hour out to draw my little bat again.

With enough tinkering he almost looks like digital work.

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