Tuesday, July 22, 2014


My final in drawing was meant to be a series of work that came from observation. Lucky for me my teacher made an exception and allowed me to draw Mandalas for my series. I've always been attracted to circular patterns. I would doodle them all through my classes in junior high and early high school. The universe took it upon itself to remind me of thing just in time for my final. By this I mean the subject kept coming up. In art history we where going over cathedrals with rose windows as a focus at times. I was also watching Peter Draws, someone who is a wonderful ink based artist who does do very intricate mandalas from time to time. Even my roommate would bring it up while I was playing with the idea of my series. She gave me two mandala coloring pages.

All of thing reminded me of how much I love doing this type of art. I'm really glad for that. I'll need to keep doing them. They all turned out really well. (Though the coppery one was never finished. I ran out of time. To be fair I only had to do 3.) I used those 50 cent folk art paints from walmart, basic crayola thin markers, and derwert colored pencils. Maybe there was some contey pencil in there too. It has been a while.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014