Thursday, December 20, 2012

Back Again.

Hello there. I've been meaning to post these since right before Thanksgiving. They where for a project in British Lit revolving around Paradise Lost. The teacher liked it so much he wants to get it published. I don't see it happening but it is a nice thought.

That is the only good news I have. Well I do have half good news. I was really worried about my Anatomy and Math grade. For the first time I had to worry if I would pass or not. I did with C's. I did surprisingly well for the last two tests on Anatomy, they where my highest grades in that class, but still wasn't enough to push my grade up a level. I also went to the dentist and got a bunch of bad news. The tooth my filling fell out of is shot and the news doesn't stop there. I also have doctors and eyeglass appointments too.

Also much thanks to all my viewers. I've hit 2k in a year and I'm quite happy for the attention. This blog started out as self improvement but to have it recognized, I'm very grateful.