Thursday, December 20, 2012

Back Again.

Hello there. I've been meaning to post these since right before Thanksgiving. They where for a project in British Lit revolving around Paradise Lost. The teacher liked it so much he wants to get it published. I don't see it happening but it is a nice thought.

That is the only good news I have. Well I do have half good news. I was really worried about my Anatomy and Math grade. For the first time I had to worry if I would pass or not. I did with C's. I did surprisingly well for the last two tests on Anatomy, they where my highest grades in that class, but still wasn't enough to push my grade up a level. I also went to the dentist and got a bunch of bad news. The tooth my filling fell out of is shot and the news doesn't stop there. I also have doctors and eyeglass appointments too.

Also much thanks to all my viewers. I've hit 2k in a year and I'm quite happy for the attention. This blog started out as self improvement but to have it recognized, I'm very grateful.


  1. wow, that first one with the bird - gorgeous watercolor work! and supercongrats on the 2k!!! <3

    1. Thank you. It isn't actually water work...well not fully. It was done in watered down ink. Does that count? I don't know.