Saturday, January 11, 2014

Spray Paint Space Paintings

Well this won't quite be the long update I wanted but it will have to do. There is so much going on it is just back to back. I got a moment to myself back in December and I really wanted to give spray paint art a shot wile I still had access to my dads spray paint. I loved it. If you ever get a chance go on youtube and check out the videos they have about space paintings for spray paint.

Safe to say I bought a lot of spray paint and you will be seeing more. I really had a lot of fun with this.

As soon as I am rested, probably never, I hope to tell you about my trip and film around campus. All my videos so far have been on web cam so it will be interesting to see how my phone and camera do for video.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Creative Activities

I had a class last semester that had to do with instilling creativity into young children with a wide range of activities. Part of the course required that we have an art portfolio. These where the art pieces I had with mine.

Materials: Tempera paint, wavy plastic pieces

Materials: Tempera paint, eye dropper

Materials: Tempera paint, golf balls, marbles

Materials: Tempera paint, toy cars

Materials: Tempera paint, q-tips

Materials: Colored tape

Materials: Tempera paint, yarn

Materials: Tempera paint, shaving cream

Materials: Milk, charcoal

Materials: Tissue paper, other junk items

The final for this class was a mess. I had meant to go into class an hour early so I had time to print out the final. When I went to find the keys they where gone. Turns out my dad took the keys with him to the next town over. DX Seriously? Why?

It took pretty much the full extra hour to contact them and for them to get back. I was so flustered I left my flash drive. On top of that I was late. I swear I was close to crying but the teacher was completely understanding. She said I could email it to her and so long as it was in before 4, which was a good few hours away, she would except it.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sherlock's Back!

I've been planning for a wile now something for Sherlock season 3. I loved all the art that came from the hiatus and the appreciation of the show. I've been looking foreword to the new season just like everyone else. I finally got the chance to see it and I must say it was nothing like I expected but I enjoyed it most highly. I have heard a lot of people compare the first episode to a fanfiction. After watching I have to say I agree, it is a cross between a fanfiction and an episode of Punk'd.

What better way to celebrate then with bees?

I know it has been a long time since I updated regularly. There was a good reason for that. I'll explain more as I upload more blogs that I've been saving up.