Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fantasy Life

While away at school I skipped a lot of what I wanted and now I'm making up for it. I've been working on a fair bit of art, which I am glad for, but I haven't quite hit the mark of where I want to be. One thing I have put a fair bit of time into is a game called Fantasy Life which I am enjoying quite a bit. I would say it is a mix of Animal Crossing and RO two games I have played in the past and spent a lot of years playing. It has great aspects such as many different ways to play the game. You can have a home like in Animal Crossing and pets. You can really cater to your interests with quests and different lives. Pets are a nice addition since you can have something cute fallow you around and kill things. That is one of the many ways it is like RO and other online rpgs, they let you form parties. I would say the down side to the game is there is far too much talking. It took a long time to get into actual game play. Once you do though there is a lot for a character to do and collect.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I'm really excited to be home. I have a lot of projects planned, most of them embroidery. My current project is stitching on a t-shirt. The idea came from me pestering a friend with ideas for his print making project. He didn't go with my ideas, with good reason I can be a bit silly, but his project turned out beautifully. I'm hoping this project will be really funky when finished. I'm going to use a lot of bright colors and I hope to push my stitching further then ever.

If you have kept up with my posts you'll know I was in a crafting class this last semester. Well the teacher had a giveaway at the end of the class. There where 2 drawings. The first I got tea....really unlucky of me as it was a mostly empty box and I really hate tea. The second drawing I hit the jack pot with this lovely embroidery stand.

I also wanted to show off this lovely new chest I picked up. I've been craving furniture lately. I believe it stems from how clustered my room has gotten with my obsessive collecting of books has gotten and the need to move to a bigger space. Not that I have the means to do that as of right now. It still is a lovely piece and makes everything stored it it smell absolutely lovely.