Thursday, September 24, 2015

Magic the Goat

I can tell things have been busy since in the last post I didn't even mention the hippies chasing a baby bear in the middle of town. Yep baby bear and hippies. Good times.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Holy Joe

It has been two weeks since I've been back at school and I feel my room is cursed, though my roommate says it is him that is causing all the bad luck. A short run down is his car broke down twice in a week, he shattered at box of glasses moving in, and that is just getting things going. The first weekend I was sick and while I was out getting cold meds it dumped rain for the exact 30 minutes I was gone. Both of us had our windows open. Him with his laptop and printer by the window and me with several power cords. I'm sure there are other little things but for now you get the idea.

Despite all this I can happily say I've found a few much wanted books at the thrift stores in town. I can also add some coffee to the list.

It is also very funny how often you hear people screaming because the sprinklers started going off.