Sunday, October 7, 2012

Boo! Ghost Filet

Today I went to my school even though there was no class. I wanted to get at least a brownie or a cookie from their fund raiser for a person who needs a double lung transplant. I didn't spend much time there because I had an anterior motive to going. I wanted to stop by a local art and craft gallery and ask a few questions. I'm nutritiously bad about not approaching people but I didn't let myself get out of it. The place, as well as the women I talked too, had such a friendly atmosphere. I also got a bit lucky that a few seconds after I started talking to her another person came in to ask the same questions. Any nerves I still had shot out the window.

I got a lot of information, everything from how many artists there where, what the join cost was, monthly rates, how displays worked, and how commissions as well as classes worked.

Over all I really like how they have it set up. They do not charge you a percent for sales or taking commissions through the gallery. You pay for the space and that is it. You can choose between a half space or a full space. The art you offer has to be judged and can not be close to what is already there.

I'm actually kinda hoping I can go for it. Only problem is there is a joining cost of $100, a one time fee, and the fact it is a 6 month commitment so start up funds to pay for the space each month. You know just in case you have that awful experience of not selling enough. I don't feel like I will fail so hard that I lose a lot but I also don't like the idea of putting everything I have into one thing.

I don't know, I'm going to have to think about it. I'll start thinking about applying though. It won't hurt to get a portfolio together. That is probably the one thing that really won't be a problem, I have a back stock of everything on this blog to offer as merchandise.

Even more then I would love to make money off of what I have done, not to mention clear out the 4 bags under my second desk, I would love to teach. I think I could do fairly well with it. On Zantarni I've been collecting links to tutorials and types of crochet so others could learn. Basically I have the information at my fingertips. I've learned a lot from doing this. Beyond the basics I was also thinking of perhaps teaching classes on individual stitches like clusters or lattice work.

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