Thursday, October 4, 2012

Candy Corn

I had a surprisingly good day. It was kinda weird to feel so refreshed with a raging headache. I will say though that the amount of headaches I have is starting to get alarming. They are not bad at all, more mildly annoying, but every now and again they become a problem. An hour asleep takes care of it but I can't just go to sleep at any given time as much as I may want to.

Despite all this I left for school even though I didn't have class. I wanted to drop off a few clothing items for a fund raiser the school was holding, it was the last day, and I figured I could get gas for the car and work on the ink drawings needed for my Literature class.

I grabbed my portfolio, which is huge, walked out to a bridge and drew. A few people stopped to see what I was doing, one guy wanted to know if I was alright. Why do people keep doing that? DX<

Best part of it was a man wants me to help him with presenting an idea for an addition to his shop. Getting offered a job, even a one off or a small one, is a huge uplift in confidence and hope. I will say I'm really wary about this. I've had a lot of people say they would like me to do something to have it fall through or not get contacted. Just talking about it makes me feel like the universe is going to rip it away.

The Universe is out to get you, no joke. -paranoid-

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