Friday, October 5, 2012

Filet Pumpkin

Today was my Aunts Halloween sleep over. I had to go around the "forest" and try and scare the kids. Last year went amazing.....this year not so much. Now that they knew who I was I couldn't just chase them. When I first got there, shortly before it got really dark, the kids where not in the woods. Two adults where walking around, the guy was pointing out where the decorations where to a girl, and I managed to jump out and scare the girl and kinda the guy. Safe to say that was my only real success that night. The kids kept surrounding me wanting to be my minions,ect. At some point most of them where doing that, I'm there anyone even left to scare? Well I tried a few things. Have one of them come with me and tell them at some point to start screaming or have them in a circle and chanting. It worked....for all of 30 seconds. It was a big mess of them wanting me to direct them and me having no idea what to do. At the back of my mind I couldn't help but babble why me.

Worse part yet is one of my stunts made Baily cry. Her brother was one of the first people who came to "my side" and I had him faint by the coffin. Then I had the girl who started the whole "I'll be your slave" thing chant over him and had the rest of the kids come and try and get him back. I set it up so that the girl chanting would scream and run away when they did come and get him. Well an adult come soon after to show Baily, and probably another little kid or two, that he was alright.

Oh.....Did I mention they had strobe lights? Good thing I'm not epileptic or I would have died from all the flashes being put in my eyes. I was seeing spots.

At some point I told them to go find something my Aunt hid in the woods last year. Turns out she didn't hide them this year but it got them off my back for half an hour. Then I got my marshmallows which I was adamant about getting. Last year I had kids sitting on my lap so I only really got one. I also ate far to many grapes. Marshmallows and grapes this is what I choose to eat together. Geez.

Just this morning I was answering a question of what makes me nostalgic and what came to mind is those blue drinks with plastic twist off tops. You know Kool-Aid Bursts or Mondo that are normally found in the dollar stores? Ya those. They had them there and I thought it was awesome.

Then there where glowsticks. Hecks ya.

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