Sunday, October 7, 2012

Witch Hat

Today was filled with struggles of trying to sit down, shut up, and study. I can't concentrate for very long on subjects and absorb them. With back to back tests I've been put into a position where I expect to fail this Anatomy test. I had spent three hours on the homework and still failed it. I'm just having so much trouble taking it all in. Worse yet I can't seem to open the slide shows I should be studying from. Damn.

On another note I know I'm trying to save up money to attempt to join that gallery but I'm still tempted to get a pack of graphing paper to do Filet crochet easily. I just feel if I do I may also pick up some black yarn to use with it and that would just be a mess.

As to blog posts I have about one more day of projects I can post before I'm going to be hurting for them. With studying I just can't do it. I've been lucky so far with having had projects done well in advance. Maybe I can draw a store front or two if I can find them with Halloween decorations up. That shouldn't take too long.

It was too late when I realized trying to add the typical stripe at the brim wouldn't go to well in order to fix it. I also put a bit too many blocks at the bottom in my first row. Oh well I hope you can still see what I was going for.

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