Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Orange Lolly Pop

The background may come as a surprise but I've been thinking that if I'm going to take the time to do so many Halloween projects that I could do with a change in background to reflect that. I picked candy because of my massive sweet tooth but also because I'm starting out the month by doing candy. I may change to fall leaves further into the month.

Along with the change in background I have been thinking I should try and talk more on this blog. That is the whole point of a blog right? To say something? I'm not the most talkative person in person. The only time I really get going is with my dad and that involves a lot of nothing. I don't think it is too appropriate or interesting to ramble on about what is going on with Doctor Who or if there is a Pokemon event happening. It gets old, but so does my not saying anything.

I also don't want to whine about my "nothing" changes in life. I tend to fall into that trap and it is getting worse as I indulge my short comings. I guess it is better then nothing in a way. Good or bad I can admit to getting a D on my math midterm and freaking out about it. Or how I feel Anatomy is such a hill that I can't seem to get started crossing it.

One thing I feel I do best with is replying. So if there is anything you out there would like to know more about or get my opinion on I would love to hear it. I have a few more maybe thoughts that I may try to do. Like post more of the things I find interesting or helpful videos. I also bought a new quotations book today that I'm dieing to find a use for. Maybe I could share a few or give thoughts on the things I hear.

Also I think this is the best way in the world to use those poker sticks that come in polyester fiberfill. You know those annoying things they add in to help you put the stuffing in but are kinda useless because they are stuck so far in the middle you can't find them till the bag is half way used up? Ya those things.

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