Friday, August 17, 2012

Back again!

Well that was an eventful trip to grandmothers. We left in the middle of the night and I spend the next three days painting. The first day I had to have been on an adrenalin rush. Not only did I spent the whole day painting I also took two, 3 mile walks. One of them barefooted. They looked at me like I was crazy but it worked out the cramps in my feet from using my stepmothers shoes to paint in. By the end of the third day the sheds at my grandmothers was painted. We went to visit her at one point during those first few days, she wasn't doing to good though. She was tired and a bit drugged from an operation. Next time we visited she was hopping around all over the place showering everyone with hugs and kisses.

We had bad news with it though, my cousin may be going to jail. He was behind a van and the car in front of the van stopped short. The person in the van got out and he hit and killed her. I don't know any more details then that.

The reunion went well. I didn't talk to many people I didn't know most of them. There was probably somewhere between 50-70 people, a good bit probably not in the family. I know in the past my grandmothers priest comes, friends of the family, neighbors, and I think even friends of family members who no longer come because of a divorce. Kinda wild.

I actually payed attention to the capture the flag game this year, only because I was asked to spy for Robert who is the only adult that plays normally. Randy wanted everyone to team up against him, they probably should have. He did something slightly illegal in the game, he tied the flag to an electric pole.

I met the man my aunt is interested in, I really like him and I think he is good for her. I also volunteered to work on grandmothers house this summer if it is not sold and they want me.

We picked up some stuff that was in grandma's living will. Anything that was gifted is to be returned and she had a few other wishes. My dad gets a few old bibles, a small rocking chair for children, a doll bed made by an older relative (this is to be offered to one of my aunts), as well as a few other objects and a portrait drawn of his grandparents I believe. He also asked for all pictures done by this one artists. It was pretty tough figuring out who the artist was. I had the feeling it was a guy  but my dad thought it was a female friend of his grandmothers. All we had was the last name to look at. First we tracked down who dad thought it was, she had the right last name. Turns out she was his grandmothers sister. We found it on the old family tree dad put together. Then we wondered if it was her or one of her children. Finally my cousin Rachel, who has done expensive work on the family tree, confirmed it was not Helen but her first husband.

Grandchildren are not apart of the will unless their parents pick up something for them but I did get pictures. They where ones of my mom or of me seeing as I was the only one who could claim them. I believe they also agreed that any stuffed animals that my grandmother made would go to the great grandchildren. The grandchildren already got stuffed animals from her.

I also got a lot of yarn from my Aunt Joy. She always has a ton in boxes all over the house and she lets me pick some up. My chest is now filled again. I had to take down all the blob bunnies so I could use my floor again. She also gave me starwars ties. Kick ass.

That is all I really wanted to say about my trip. Today sucked but I had to write this out. What made today suck was a lot of things, almost a thousand dollar text book bill and my ipod being washed. Not to mention my stepmother being nasty about the incident because I pissed her off.

I'm just left being tired.

No pictures with this one. I have one but I'm not waiting for my camera to charge in order to add it.

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