Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Progression Picture: Herdier

He is almost done....but not within the time I promised myself. I think subconsciously I like to lie. Ether way, I am working. This post may not be the big tada I wanted but teasing works just as well. See I'm even lying to myself.

Pokemon Black and White was a wonderful game, I really hadn't worked up that much awe for a pokemon game in a long time. I did get that new feeling for a bit and I even feel in love with some of the new pokemon stronger then I remember for the first time playing a game. Normally my strong feelings for a pokemon in a select generation doesn't come about till years after. I remember using Slowpoke back in my earliest run threw of Gold but it wasn't till I replayed with the earliest team I remembered in honor of the remakes that I truly feel in love. Flaaffy is also one that I feel in love with around this time frame wile playing Soul Silver. Come to think of it maybe my weird love just comes from the fact that Johto is my favorite region, whatever.

I mentioned my Aunt gave me some of my yarn, that was this past summer, and in the pile was several new Red Heart browns, grays, and tans. It screamed use me, even thought Flaaffy was neglected and left unfinished, and my head went to Cubone but I realized that was hard. My senses came to me shortly after and my head reminded me how Herdier/Stoutland took the spot light in all my battles wile I was playing. My plan was born and a promise that he would be my biggest plushie yet. Ya totally not a stupid idea. That may have sounded fully sarcastic but I would like you to know it was only half sarcastic. For being such a big plushie was was very seamless in the making and quickly progressed so long as I wasn't distracted. Even so I was distracted twice for several months.

I came up with a new way to do paws and I've found it very helpful, I even used it on my Valentines Dog. Basically work in a round till the required size and tack down. Sounds to simple for me to be called clever but it looks good.

Even though this picture is at least 4 months old only one of those cats is finished. I'm really starting to dislike that dark blue and white one. Somehow I think it is going to end up as my mascot because it sticks around too long.

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