Saturday, December 31, 2011

What do I call it?

It started out as a dog...then I thought it look more like a hippo, now I just want to slap antlers and a red nose on it and call it Rudolf.

I wonder what others think, if an artist changes what an object is from what they once had thought it was, would it be a failure because they couldn't capture what they wanted or is it even better because it took on its own characteristics?

I'm not sure. I don't feel like I succeeded but I don't think I failed. I'm conflicted as well, I have a few crochet projects started, as well in my mind, but a part of me wants nothing more then to rush to a store for 25 cent felt squares in order to practice making cloth patterns.

Maybe I can just promise myself if I finish a section on a project I can make one small felt plushie. I do this a lot, make something small wile I work on a bigger project, the problem is now and again a bigger project will fall through.

For art I struggle to come up with ideas at time but for these plushies I'm bombarded daily with ideas. I had two wonderful ones today, two wonderfully large scale ideas.

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