Sunday, December 25, 2011

I Found Jesus and He's in My Earrings.

I find that every year I get some type of jewelry and these are, I don't have a word for it. A few that know me extremely well know that religion makes me willy for whatever reason. However, I find myself really liking them and they make me a little bit giddy, like finding a face in your toast or a chip.

I originally wasn't going to post about my gifts but instead keep it simple. I find myself wanting to share after a few unexpected gifts that excite my "its shiny" senses. I also think it is a great way to say thank you to those who got me gifts.

My step brother Barry
Jean and Roland
My Mother, Father, and Step Mother

I wanted to make a nice still live for you all to see but I'm finding, after looking through the house, that it is not a very good one at all. It goes to show I still need to be more open to what is around me. This teddy bear was a gift from my mom's boyfriend and the ribbon piles are ribbon pine cones, which are pretty fun to make, are past gifts from my step mothers family.

Now on to the presents. I'm extremely thankful my dad allowed me to get a new computer on Black Friday. My step brother and the beginning of the year gave me his old laptop. It got me through the year but it was wheezing all along the way. I couldn't do art like I wished as well as the fans where dead, the speakers went, it over heated, and finally just before thanksgiving my powercable started fighting me. I said enough. I went with a pc to get a little more bang for my buck.
Not much of a picture for that one. I hope you are distracted enough by the pokemon not to judge my mess. I don't get off the computer so I'll be working in front of it.

Do to a bit of a miscommunication between me and my mother I ended up with a Kindle. I had wanted one up until my computer died and I called it off so not one of my parents would have to pay for it all. Well my mom being the considerate mother, darn, went and got one much to my surprise. A few of the plushies I've agreed to make/sell will help with the difference.
I got more jewelry then just Jesus earrings.
My mother remembered I have bought yarn before and picked some up for me. I didn't get into making things too much wile I was there so I'm a little surprised she got me some.
On Black Friday my step mother and I hit up CVS with a bunch of coupons. I ended up getting a lot of more daily use type items, some of which was make up which I haven't warn in a year. It will be kinda fun to have the option of wearing it again.

I also got some clothes. I happened to also pick up the blue jacket and blanket in this picture.

I'm also thinking my step mother talked to J & R about the make up because this is part of what they got me:

The top row was from others my step brother and step mother.

Finally I got a new art book to add to the ever growing number I haven't read. I'm going to try and read as much as I can today. So far that equals part of the intro.
This turned out to be kinda a show off blog but that maybe seen as the point of a Christmas post. Also have to do the most important part of a Christmas post.
Merry Christmas

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