Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ink Still Lives

I love ink still life drawing. Just me, my pen, and the object in front of me. I find it the perfect way to capture what is you see at any given moment. I would like to use my still lives as a reason to get out and really look at the places around me.

This is a picture of my work desk, my painting storage under the window, and the other desk which I don't use but do keep my art books on. Above those art books are manga and above that is dvd's and finally stuffed animals. On the left is more books, mostly children's chapter books and classics, as well as the top shelf where I keep many of my more personal stuffed animals. This is a bigger picture:
This is my dresser right in front of my left desk as well as ceder trunk. I kinda hate this thing right now for being covered. Earrings, hair ties, and bangles everywhere.
These are a few other random objects from around my room.

This was started from a weird conversation about a lamp and a lamb. When ever someone says they wish they could draw like me I tell them to go draw from life and grab a lamp. Somewhere along the way a lamb was added in and I made up my mind to take my own advice and draw a lamp....only I didn't get very far.

Finally I have a few from when I went to my grandmothers:

Sadly the only one of these done anytime recently was the leopard hair bow. I also, silly me, forgot the few loose sheets I have in my desk. I can post them later. As for why these are so yellow I took them outside and the sun was going down. I couldn't take them earlier because I was at a Children's Christmas play. The play was good but I ate too much after.

I would like to thank Nexess from Zantarni for editing these pictures to remove the nasty yellow. I'm an artist who can't photo edit, oh my.

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  1. I love you're inking, you're much farther along in it than I am >___< If I could ink that good I'd be damn happy!

    And you're welcome :3