Sunday, January 6, 2013

Candy Corn Pattern

I haven't had anyone look over this before I am posting it so I hope all will be well. For the gauge just keep in mind this is an amigurimi pattern, worked in the round, so it is best to use a size smaller hook than normal. You will need three colors. Finally don't be silly and mix up the colors!
A is the medium color. 
B is the darkest color.
C is the lightest color.
Ch 9 using A
Row 1: sc7, inc
Row 2: Continue stitches on back side of starting chain
inc, sc 7
Row 3: inc, sc 6, inc, sc1, inc, sc 7
Row 4: inc, sc 1, inc, sc 7, inc, sc 1, inc, sc 9, inc
Row: 5-6: sc 26
Row 7: Color B sc 11, dec, sc 11, dec
Row 8: sc 24
Row 9: dec, sc 9, dec, sc 11
Row 10-12: sc 22
Row 13: dec, sc 7, dec, sc 9, dec
Row 14: sc 7, 2 dec, sc 7
Row 15: Color C sc 17
Row 16: dec, sc 5, dec, sc 8
Row 17: 6 dec
Row 18: weave end in between stitches around edge and pull to close.


  1. Thank you very much, it looks so adorable. :)

    I'm still learning how to read the pattern, but I have a good general idea. <3

    1. You are very welcome.

      I'm glad you are on your way to understanding it. If you have anything that would make it easier please tell me.