Sunday, January 27, 2013

WIP: Rattata 4

It's been a wile, sorry about that. I needed the time off. I'm a bit behind on my school work, so much reading, and I had one really bad day where I just came home, curled up with a teddy bear, and cried. Friday I went to the doctor for my test results. Turns out I had a good reason for my head hurting so much and being tired all the time. I'm pretty badly in need of Vitamin D. The healthy range is 50, mine came back as 19. I now have a lovely little prescription to try and get the numbers up. One thing I am glad for is my lit homework. I can turn the journal questions into a blog post on my reading blog. If I can finish the reading that is. I got to admit I rarely did for my other lit classes, or any other for that matter. I still have 2 hours, come on you can read 40 pages!

Sadly I didn't get too much more of this done but I am still working on it. He is starting to creep me out.

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