Monday, January 14, 2013

Pikachu Plush

I like my teachers so far. Don't like that I had to buy all the books. I mean really it went down like this "Pick 8 chapters from the book to write your essay on." I spent way to much money today on books, yarn, and zippers. Oddly enough the zippers cost more then the books (non text book) and the yarn. Oh one of my teachers is....a hard ass.. Not from his grading, as far as I know, but he may kick you out of class for....just about anything. No phones at all in the class, if your kid is sick have them call security to come and get you, I'm just waiting for him to start on jewelry.
My friend had to prod me a bit to do this post....well tell me to draw pikachu. It is sweltering hot here, wtf, and I just didn't want to do anything. But I was good.

This got me rambling in my head though. I was thinking maybe I should try uploading on the weekends, two drawings and one plushie. Then I was all "no slacking you failure." I shouldn't be overworking myself. When have you ever worked too much?

I feel this isn't a choice I can make in the first month....let alone on the first day back to school.

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