Monday, January 7, 2013


I totally changed my sleeping habits for today in order to get my eyes checked. The doctor was probably the best I've had. He probably told me more about what was going on in one sitting then I've been told since I've started wearing glasses. That has been a long time. I believe I was in the 4rth grade when I started wearing them. He also told me exactly how my eyes where changing and why. I normally hate getting my eyes check. That poofy thing is the worst and those drops are hateful. It didn't bother me this time and turns out they changed the drops so they fade in minutes. It was a joy...till I looked at the frames...that was bad. My dad will be taking me to pick some out, since my stepmother refused.

These wings, not these exact ones, are from a little side project I am working on that won't be reviled for a wile. I also started another blog, yes I am clearly crazy, and I will be posting response essays for books and just about anything else I can read. It is called Imperial Anthology because I'm secretly hoping to read through the Star Wars series if I can get my hands on them. Don't worry won't all be Nerdy.

Don't they look like flippers? Got to love the back ground. I was so late with this post that I didn't move my leopard plushie.

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