Saturday, January 5, 2013

Why I like...

JACKASS! I was talking with someone and they said they thought of them as stupid. 

I use to think Jackass was stupid but it has grown on me. I really like their characters. Ya they are jerks, however, I think it's a great trait to be able to face up to pain. We avoid it so much we have crappy relationships and do absolute shit for ourselves. Knowing what they can put up with from each other shows they have better friendships then you or me will probably ever have because they are more forgiving then we could be. Even if they are in a hell of their own making they are still going to have a better time then we can make for our selves. Kinda makes you think about just how much you hold back because your afraid and how little you can really bring yourself to do, you know?

That was my first thoughts on the subject while I was taking with the person. Now I think it is even truer. I feel I hold myself back far too much. Over the past year I've challenged myself more, have done more, and committed to more but I still feel it is all within my comfort zone.  Now don't get me wrong this little incite won't get me to stick my hand in a snakes mouth but it is a good realization to have. Knowing exactly where you stand can be useful.

As for this little guy....I don't know. I think he started out as a mouse....I honestly can't remember what was going on in my head. He was started in November I believe. He looks like he has a lightbulb for a tail.

I was 17 minutes off from making this post on time. I knew I shouldn't have got that sandwich. So good though.

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