Thursday, January 10, 2013

WIP: Bags

I managed to get up at 9am, rather then 2-3pm, and go shopping with my family in order to find new glasses. I ended up getting two pairs, you know those deals. They are super cute. One is a redish animal print and the other is purple. I am so excited. I'll have to wait for the frames to come in because they where ordered.

Beyond that I played pokemon. I'm getting better at doing a little bit more throughout the night. I no longer do just one thing in a day but I am still behind. Can't win can I? For these bags I still need zippers and I probably won't get them till around the 15th. I also keep putting of the righting I need to do. There is just so much before school starts.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I'm scared, nervous, something. I haven't been for the longest time and I am just waiting for bad news. I'm probably over reacting....ok not probably, I am over reacting. There isn't a lot that you honestly couldn't live with as well as live with. Still it isn't a thing that many are comfortable with.

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