Friday, January 18, 2013

What A Day

Ok so I didn't get anything done to show off but I figured I could still talk because I do have a lot I would like to post. I over slept because I didn't turn on my alarm and missed my first class. My second class was amazing though. I wished I had recorded it. It was on the enlightenment. We talked, in part, about the commonly used philosophy quote, "I think, therefor I am." The quote actually comes from the start or slightly before enlightenment period. Before this period it was believed you have no control over your fate and everything you do is the will of God. Basically people believed they where evil and there was no way at all to change that. No one believed anyone could change the world. The quote comes from Rene Descartes having a mental breakdown. He was a good little church goer but started to question it. His conclusion, persay, was that nothing can be trusted and his thoughts are the only thing he can trust. His trust was in the fact he could think.

This was mind blowing because now he realized he has control. He controls how he sees the world and his actions in it. That wasn't something they believed at that point in time. I think this is pretty cool because now we pretty much all have this thought that we can make the world better or change it in some way.

There was also a lot of police cars wile I was at the campus. I don't know why but I am thinking someone was hurt. It happened twice wile I was there. Beyond that I came home and painted. Since it isn't a still live I'm not posting it here. Sadly, or maybe not, I got so into it I lost track of time. Now it is 1am and I'm just not going to do it. -fail-

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