Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Moon Tube!

One of my requirements for speech is to have a youtube channel. Well this technical challenged person felt she was in need of some practice. What better way to get use to being on camera then to crochet? Well I took my current project, all those little african flowers, and made a video.

This was a bit of a struggle. I really didn't know what I was doing and I did not have a good set up. For one I had to have the tripod between my legs for this to work. I also had to sit very awkwardly so 20 minutes into filming my back started to hurt. Enough complaining though. I'm excited to be working on videos. I'm not looking foreword to getting in front of the camera, I've been having some body issues jabbing at my self esteem, but I'll try my best. I need to come up with something for the lighting. That isn't my only problem as well. My computer screen is too high to attach the camera too without having a shelf in the shot. I'll have to move away from my computer and find a spot. I don't know how far the usb cable with stretch so this will be interesting.

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