Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch

I have felt every emotion filming this. I had a ton of fun doing it the actual filming part. I loved looking up pokemon images to use. I also had a fit of nostalgia with the sounds. As for the actual video editing, well that was a bit of a hell. I still want to strangle the thing. I couldn't use the same video editor as before, it wouldn't let me post images over my video. I have no external mic so I couldn't overlay the sound. It was a mess. The carefully selected gifs didn't show up as anything but still frames. The quality is trashed, what happened to my large photos and hd film?!

It took a wile but the error was eventually fixed.

I'm thinking I'm just going to buy a mic and redue this whole film. No time for that now though. It is due today for speech class.

I didn't even meet the time requirements. Can't be helped though. I stayed up till 6am editing this. I need the brake.

I hope you enjoy it wile I go die of embarrassment at the horribleness.

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