Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Frank Zappa Tribute

This was a bit of a hell. I did a lot of work for this in the last two days. I started on the last bit on Monday at 1. At 8 at night my pencils started giving me a problem. They broke about 6 times in 5 minutes. I wish I was over estimating that number. I would run out to get some ended up taking two hours. The first store didn't have any, someone tried to hit me up for money, and the next store had a really slow check out. Finally my card wouldn't swipe and I had to waste time pulling out another.

The mic gave me hell as well. It was really staticy and I returned it. I found a way to edit it but then it chopped some of my words. I tried to rerecord those sections but there are still a few that are poor. To find a way to edit them took a good chunk of time and so did my poor reading skills. I kept messing up.

I didn't have time to finish the picture and get everything edited in time for the assignment. In fact after 26 hours, because I had to go to class then come home and upload it, I am technically late turning it in. I was tired and slept leave me alone.

The biggest hitch was the program had a hard time with the movie clips. I couldn't use all the film because I could only speed it up so much and only had so much to say. The clips would play black or buffer so I couldn't physically see what I edited and how it looked and sounded together. I ended up doing a few desperate things. One was to just go ahead and save it for publishing and upload it and hope it played right. When I did this for hd I couldn't find the file. So I just went ahead and did it in low quality and uploaded it. I got lucky and no black. Then I had to resave it as hd and upload it. It was still trying to do that as I left for class.

I was a bit extreme when I got there and I hope my class mates don't think I'm too crazy for giggling at the stupidest crap.

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