Monday, June 10, 2013

Purple Elephants :Flower Total 64

I gave my speech today. I had to give it after class because we ran out of time so a good few people left. I ended up almost double the amount of time I had allotted. I am going to attempt, don't ask me when, to recreate this speech on youtube. Having youtube videos is a requirement for my speech class so I have bought a webcam. I'll just need to learn how to do everything. I'm not computer or internet literate even if I spend all my time online.

Any advice would be lovely.

I just got a lovely gift. There was this purple elephant doll my grandmother made sitting in the sun room. I loved that thing, I made inquires about it wile they where figuring out how to divide everything up since they had to sell the house. Well it was generally agreed that the stuffed animals would go to the great grand children seeing as the grand children had gotten them wile they where little. Someone sent me the elephant anyway. My dad just gave it to me. I'll need to find a way to clean it, there is water damage, and a few other repairs need to me made. The ribbons are literally braking off in my hand as it sits in my lap.

Saturday: I bought a skein of white after my speech, as well as a red and a brown, and started working on adding the last color to all the flowers. By the end of Saturday I had used the whole skein. It was perfect. I had exactly enough white for all the flowers...well except for the 4 that had the wrong number of petals. I'll work on those. Ether way I'm quite pleased with how things are going. I'm hoping to buy a green and a yellow skein to add a bit more variety to my flowers. After that I can start to think about the final construction.

The wool eater is close to being done as well. The brown I mentioned above is for the next section I need to do. It was really hard to pick one as none where the color I needed and I was picky for the pricing. This blanket is to use up scraps and I already invested a bit more then I intended for it. Still I think it is lovely.

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