Friday, March 8, 2013

Bookshelf Ink Drawing

Hi! It's been a wile. Little bit about art, I still haven't found the yarn I need for Rattata. My bad, kinda a problem using what you have on hand. I've also been working on a commission. It is a bit too big for a decent blog post. It would all be wip with little diffences even after a few hours of work. So that's why I've been laying off on the blog posts. No excuse for not drawing though, that is where I tell you I've been playing pokemon. Yep.

I've been enjoying playing though. I bought the newest games in December and it is 2 months later that I'm finally playing them. Tumblr, once you've found it there is no getting out. I don't even have an account.

I recently finished up my midterms. They where mostly essays, yey. Sociology was hell, Literature was fine, bla bla bla.

I went shopping yesterday. I really need to stop that but not even the punishment of carrying two text books for a mile is enough. I found one on Literature and one called Gardner's Art through the Ages. A hundred dolor book for a $1.29? Sure! Course this just made me want to paint and...well keep me out of the art supply store please.

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