Sunday, February 24, 2013

Orange Cat

Yesterday was great. I went with my family to the state history museum. I had a great time with the Mayan section. Almost immediately I wanted to rush home and start making a plushie never mind if I had commissions or not. They have the cutest animals ever. I had a really great time in the science section. My Dad and eye played around with a lot of the inventions an optical illusions. We spent about 10 minutes on this one balance tester. The score for the day was 2.7 seconds and we would not leave until it was beaten. I was the first one to get anywhere close it it at 2.3 and did better over all then my dad because I would get in the high 1's. My dad wins the final score though. I had given up and told him he had one more try, the rat got 3.4 and we ended the moment with a awkward not facing each other highfive. Another one we did was where you had to try and trace the lines of a star inbetween too copper pieces. The copper would buzz if you hit it. The hard part was that you had to trace it in a mirror. My dad hit my arm my first try to test it. I got him back by telling him to try on the other and then proceeded to laugh at all the buzzing and his version of cursing coming from the other side. I managed, the time I wasn't pushed, to do the whole star without hitting the copper. I came close though.

The art section was down but there was art being displayed by the artist Mort Kunstler. It isn't very often that both me and my dad adore an artist but he made us both fall in love. I wanted nothing more then to rush home and paint. I was just short of declaring that I needed to stay off the internet so I could become a master. That was pushing it but I am seriously considering doing it when I transfer schools and I told him so.

Here is his wedsite: Mort Kunstler

Also this may be tmi but it needs to be said, the way to make yourself hate everyone around you is to have to use the restroom painfully for a half hour. Everyone instantly becomes assholes.

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