Sunday, March 24, 2013


I've recently bought two books and both are on brushwork in painting. The books are called the Brushstroke Handbook by Maureen McNaughton and Brushwork Essentials by Mark Christopher Weber. I love them both, for different reasons. The first has extraordinary detail and the art work is beautiful. The second is good for a quick reference. I've been wanting to paint for a wile now. I played around for a bit and then switch to trying to apply what I picked up from a quick look through of these books. Mind you the ones in the squares are india ink and white paint by Sargent Art. The bottom two pages are Crayola Tempera.

Other then painting I've been shopping for many hours over the last two days. I was looking for black pants. I didn't get any black pants. I did find the shoes I need for work though. I also bought a dress, two shirts, and I found Coraline for $5. My dad picked up the Gremlins also. He mentioned he would get the Harry Potter ones all at once because they where $10 for each in blueray. The only reason he wasn't was because they where missing the last two. I knew they couldn't be so I went and found them. He said he was using that as an excuse and that he really wasn't serious. Damn.

Now here is the too much information second of the blog:
So wile I was trying on a half dozen dresses I noticed something. I have back flab that make the perfect love handles. I don't use that term like most people mean it to be general fattiness I mean actual perfect description of a love handle as just a hand sized, squeeze me, type spot. It is cute and disturbing at the same time.

Secondly I scored when it came to buying bras. Ok maybe not the best score I could hope for but considering how often I go into flying rants about them I'll consider it a score. I have a awkward size that is very rarely if ever found in stores. Victoria secret doesn't even make up into the cup size. Those that do make them normally charge $50-60. Considering you should buy new ones every six months I'm sure you understand my need for rants. I found very close to my size this weekend, close enough I won't feel crushing disappointment after looking, and they where on sale. I got two for $20. A size or so too small in the cup and not the best shape but I'll take it.

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