Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cheers! & Whale!

On Wednesday I went to a job interview, I actually found it to be a great experience. It was relaxing and satisfying at the same time. It was like playing hooky but doing something really good at the same time. I'm also glad it didn't last too long, no time to panic. It was also a really nice and sunny day so waiting outside was a dream.

Back to reality. I barely had my shit together, I had my references but their was pieces missing. They also asked about my school, which is a new one to me, and I didn't have the address,ect. I ended up sneaking off to the car in order to try and find the info seeing as I had my school bag with me and just maybe the fact I don't clean it out would save me. It did in a way. I'm awful with names so I was glad I could snag my teacher name off of my syllabus. Then it was a long wait and I paced back and forth after doodling for a wile. The interview lasted maybe 5 or so minutes. They had no idea how to pronounce my last name. This allowed me a bit of friendly banter. She asked why I picked the hours I did and I told her it was because I was at school in those earlier hours. She asked why I wanted to work there and I said I believed them to be the best to allow me to further my schooling. Then finally I was asked a time when I had helped someone. I stumbled a bit on this one, I am really not a helpful person and my head went to gaga land, but I quickly got back on track and said I helped the drama department at my school, even though I was not in drama. I said it also helped myself since I am an art major and making stage sets was good experience.

I woke up the other day thinking it was a perfect day and everything would go well. My books came in that I ordered and I had the house to myself. Best yet I got a call that told me I got the job. I'm really excited.

Now I'm going to have to be responsible. O.O

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