Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back, With Fish!

Class has started again. I need to get up at 6am to make it to class and my first day did not go well. A great standing tradition, I feel lucky I kinda made it to class on time. I left early but I had to turn around realizing the stickynote with my class room number on it did not make it with me. In class we had an activity, basically we judged humans to decide if they should live or not in given world ending situations. The point of it being to see how much we can analyze based on minimum scraps of information. Apparently I got into this and I believe that may have been the most I've talked in a class and having it be on topic. The teacher was ecstatic as well, apparently we are a very good class and she isn't above saying so.

Wile I was taking my break, which I very much enjoyed, I've worked on two new patterns as well as my moose. You will see what came from those patterns throughout this week. Wile all this has been going on I've drowned myself in youtube videos, mostly those of the Vlogbrothers. I've also done a bit of drawing. I hope to upload those soon but I make no promises because I know I'm going to be doing a million small things that will more then likely push that from my mind. I also hope these small things are a large number of applications.

The first pattern is a fish. I don't know how long it took me to make the pattern but I think I can make one in around 4 hours. Made out of Pound of Love Pink yarn.

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