Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fashion: Day 7

It is starting to get busy here again and I am not focusing. I'm just really wanting to work on things other then school...or more specifically writing. I'm very bad about procrastinating when writing. It stems from a lot of things but mostly I don't feel as if writing is something I could ever be good at. Why I am a literature miner when I have so many issues with writing I will never know. Currently I am taking a class called the Novel and I have an 8 page paper due. I'm just glad it is double spaced unlike my History of Modern Germany class. I just can't seem to make myself do what I should. I have so much else going on that I am excited for. I just got the last book in the Hannibal series and it just makes me want to read. Then my mom texts me about a vanity she found. I keep acquiring furniture and it makes me want to have my own place to decorate so bad. I end up a million miles away thinking about color swatches and the fun parts of adult hood that I just don't have. Thinking about what I don't have can be depressing but I'm in a surprisingly good place right now. I was serious a few days ago when I said get an iced coffee and go for a walk wile listening to a good podcast it will do you wonders.

This will be the last fashion day but please let me know if this is something you would like to see more of. These 7 days only captured a small bit of my wardrobe and I wouldn't mind doing more. I liked the challenge of using my clothing and accessories to my full ability. There are days where I just skip make up or jewelry. Would you like me to share more then art work? Comment below if you would like to see more about clothing or fashion or anything else you would like to see.

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